Music Mondays: Katie Herzig

Colorado native Katie Herzig isn't just making music; she's making noise. Her thought-provoking single Make A Noise from her album, The Waking Sleep, is not only full of digital sounds laid down along with real-life instruments, but contains a potent and inspirational message designed to get listeners amped up, so they're ready to change the world.

Katie, who makes her home in Nashville, has been in the industry for awhile. You've probably heard her songs in movies like Sex and the City and the just-released, We Bought a Zoo. She's also been a member of several bands and even toured as part of the Ten Out Of Tenn tour. Although Katie has been known to cover the usual hardcore subjects like relationships, her latest themes break more towards social issues and the need to constantly question the world around us.

"On some songs, I don't even know what I'm writing about," Herzig confessed on her Web site. "But it feels like exactly what I need to say."

Check out what Katie needed to say with "Make A Noise" by watching her video below or head over to I AM THAT GIRL's YouTube channel. While you're there, tune into our brand new Music Mondays playlist, which will be updated every week.

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