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In 2004, a 17-year-old Kate Joy Earl made the decision to move from Chugiak, Alaska where she was living with her Filipino mother and American father, to Los Angeles, California with the dream of becoming of singer. That dream came to fruition in 2009 when she was signed to the Record Collection and released her debut album Fate is the Hunter. Earl's first album is a folk inspired disc full of unique lyrics and beautiful melodies, inspired largely by the death of her father, one and half years before she made the move to California.

Flash-forward to the present day and Kate has just finished touring with the Goo Goo Dolls and Rob Thomas in support of her third album, Stronger. Influenced by the sounds of '70s Southern California musicians such as Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty, as well as Earl's new journey into single motherhood, this album evokes messages of empowerment and of being true to oneself. Her themes come wrapped in rootsy, soulful grooves and honest lyrics. Discussing Stronger, Earl says this album “came from a longing for her hometown – and a general need for comfort."


Songs such as "Stronger," "One Woman Army," and "Wicked Love," though intensely personal, are open enough to allow the listener to take what they need from the music. “Here I am baby/ I’m your one-woman army/ I’ll fight for you, I’ll die for you, I’ll be your protector,” Earl sings on the first single "One Woman Army." It is one of the more powerful songs on the record and the one that evokes the greatest feeling of strength and resilience. Earl lets on that this song, and the subsequent video is dedicated to her son but emphasises that it could just easily be about a friendship, a lover, or a sisterhood. With hard work, a unique voice, and a huge amount of perseverance, this Alaskan native has definitely made her dreams a reality.

 Check out "One Woman Army" and be sure to take a listen to all of great tunes on our Music Mondays playlist, updated each week!

*This post compiled by IATG Regular Contributor, Emily Algar

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