Music Mondays: Jackie Tohn

Love certainly isn't child's play. but that didn�t stop singer/songwriter Jackie Tohn from having a little fun with the video for "What is Love."�� It manages to incorporate little green army men, an E.T. figure, a Troll doll and moving puzzle pieces producing an innovative as well as entertaining experience. The hopeful single was actually featured in the film, You Again starring Kristen Bell, Betty White, Sigourney Weaver and Jamie Lee Curtis.

This native New Yorker, who now lives in Los Angeles, managed to make her way into the Top 24 of American Idol on Season 8. She'��s also an actress and has already appeared on several TV shows like The Closer, Veronica Mars, The Sopranos and CSI: NY. Jackie even gave reality TV another shot recently as a cast member of Bravo'��s Platinum Hit. The competition followed 12 emerging musicians as the contestants penned and performed original songs. Even though she participated in the televised challenge, the accomplished artist has already produced three successful albums, which are all available for download on iTunes.

Check out Jackie'��s playful "What is Love"�� video below and then head over to I AM THAT GIRL'��s YouTube channel. While you'��re there, don'��t forget to tune into our Music Mondays playlist, which is updated every week.

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