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Described on her Facebook page as a cat with nine musical lives, Imani Coppola is an artist who delivers on each and every one of those iterations. For more than a decade, Imani has been evolving her unique fusion of rock, R&B, hip-hop, rap, and soul (not to mention her considerable chops as a kick-ass violinist) through two acclaimed albums (Chupacabra produced by Columbia Records in 1997 and 2007's Black & White Album) to her collaboration as a songwriter with Little Jackie and to her latest disc, The Glass Wall.

The Brooklyn native uses her music to tackle themes and ideas that swing as wildly as her sonic style and temperament. Writing about her latest album on her Facebook page, Imani's work is described as compelling listeners to "break free of the rules of enslavement where blinking blackberries are our connection, where we avoid the pain of real love. She sings in Pain Killa of love as 'the most effective heala' and of how 'I take my chances when the feelins right but looks wrong' in Alive. It seems as if she’s singing softly under all her lyrics to stop pretending and live as you feel. And, actually, she is. 'Sometimes,' she says, 'the only place to go for refuge is music, because it’s all vibrational.'"

Indeed! Enjoy the "Legend of a Cowgirl," a classic "vibration" that helped launched Imani into the musical stratosphere and check out The Glass Wall for more. Be sure to browse all the great tunes on IATG's Music Monday's playlist, updated each week!

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