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Paula Cole once sang, "Where have all the cowboys gone?" The same could be sung for bombastic, girl bands dedicated to the art of straight-up, blow your hair back, rock-and-roll. Enter Hunter Valentine, a tremendous all-women rock band based out of Ontario, Canada, but bringing their brand of rock to audiences all over the world.

About this storied collaboration, Hunter Valentine writes on their website: "Like all great love stories, Hunter Valentine’s began in a dark, crowded bar when girl met girl and an unbreakable bond was forged over cheap beer and rail whiskey." Founder Kiyomi McCloskey was on the lookout for a drummer when she stumbled upon "rhythmic soul mate" Laura Petracca in 2004. The other band members, Veronica Sanchez and Aimee Bessada, fell into the mix and the group began a rock odyssey with their first studio album, "The Impatient Romantic" in 2007.

Hunter Valentine has toured all over the world, opening for acts such as Cyndi Lauper. Their story (and fierce grooves) were featured as part of Showtime's series The Real L World in 2012. Their raw, driving sound combined with a stark take on love and relationships gives them an edge over other all-female collaborations. With musical influences clearly derived from Joan Jett and Lita Ford, Hunter Valentine is ushering in a girl rock revolution while also securing their place in an important history of women in rock.

Check out "Liar, Liar" from Hunter Valentine's most recent disc, "Collide and Conquer," and be sure to check out all of the mad grooves on I AM THAT GIRL's Music Monday playlist, updated weekly!


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