Music Mondays: Florence + the Machine

While a lot of people may identify Florence Welch with flaming red hair and Gothic imagery, what really commands attention is her incredible voice. Those soaring vocals are once again on full display with the single, "Lover To Lover." The incendiary video artfully depicts the demise of a relationship and the seemingly inevitable aftermath. Florence is at her erratic best, dancing wildly around a burning tower of her now former lover's possessions as the track ebbs and flows following the increasing severity of the couple's downfall.

Florence was born in Camberwell, England and often listened to her father's collection of vinyls, including the Rolling Stones, The Velvet Underground, Love, and The Smiths. She was also inspired by her mother, a devoted academic who taught renaissance studies and planted the seed in her daughter to create songs dedicated to sex, death, love, and violence. Florence attended art school before dropping out to pursue music. Her big break came in late 2006 when, under the influence of a few too many drinks, she belted out "Something's Got A Hold On Me" by Etta James to Mairead Nash of the DJ duo Queens of Noize in a bar bathroom. After that remarkable encounter, Mairead signed Florence and a debut single, "Kiss With A Fist," was released on the Moshi Moshi label in June 2008. The following year, the debut album, Lungs, came out and was met with much critical acclaim. A second full-length album, Ceremonials, arrived in 2011. Florence's now infamous "machine" often involves a rotating collection of backing musicians and sometimes just herself performing with a drum kit or piano. Florence + the Machine's fame soon began to skyrocket with tracks featured on TV shows like Glee and Grey's Anatomy as well as a guest appearance on Gossip Girl. It's pretty obvious why we love Florence; she's a ferocious presence in the industry, simultaneously exuding quirkiness as well as sexuality, destined to blaze a path of profound artistry and immense individuality.

Check out the epic video for "Lover To Lover" below before heading over to I AM THAT GIRL'��s YouTube channel. While you're there, don't forget to tune into our Music Mondays playlist, which is updated every week.

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