Music Mondays: Fiona Apple

Sometimes the artist overshadows the music. That's exactly what happened to Fiona Apple in the late '90s. The young singer/songwriter was praised for her musicality, but scrutinized and mocked for everything from her award show acceptance speeches to her videos. Now, Fiona's back in the often harsh spotlight with her latest album, The Idler Wheel..., which has been nominated for a Grammy. The video for the single, “Every Single Night," once again showcases the singer's knack for producing visually stimulating scenarios strung together by her jazzy vocals and pensive expressions.

Fiona was born in New York City to singer Diane McAfee and actor Brandon Maggart. She started studying piano at just eight years old and began composing several years later. The ambitious artist headed to Los Angeles when she was 16 to stay with her father. Fiona recorded a few demos and managed to get those recordings into the hands of a friend who baby-sat for a well-known publicist. She signed with Sony Music and released her debut album, Tidal, in 1996. Thanks to a slightly disturbing video for her hit, "Criminal," and the single, "Shadowboxer," the album went platinum. Next came When The Pawn... in 1999 and after support from dedicated fans, Extraordinary Machine was put out in late 2005, despite Fiona's well-documented issues with her label. She's also been featured on the soundtracks for Pleasantville and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Fiona has always had a strong, determined spirit and we admire her tenacity along with her uncanny songwriting ability.

Watch the video for "Every Single Night" below before heading over to I AM THAT GIRL'��s YouTube channel. While you're there, don'��t forget to tune into our Music Mondays playlist, which is updated every week.

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