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Mia Moretti, a San Francisco transplant to the pulsing nightlife of New York City, is more than just another face on the dance club scene. She is an accomplished DJ and social entrepreneur, mixing vinyl beats for some of the most influential and iconic Americans (Chelsea Clinton for starters) and raising awareness about poverty. Moretti recently launched her Live Below the Line campaign, an initiative that challenges individuals to live on $1.50 a day to gain better insight into and inspire activism about abject poverty.

Speaking to Bullet in the spring, Moretti attributes her most critical musical influences to friends and the people she meets:  "The best stuff comes from friends. I love the story of music, and each track that I’ve ever received from a friend, lover, teacher, enthusiast, what have you, always comes with a story, whether its a personal story or a public one, and that history lives with the song forever for me."

In addition to her solo projects, Moretti has teamed up with classical violinist Caitlin Moe to form the collaboration "The Dolls." The two released "Summer of '93" the debut single that elevates '90s grunge with the sweet, sunkissed sounds of the California surf scene.

Enjoy "Summer of '93" and be sure to check out all of IATG's grooves on our Music Monday playlist, updated each week!


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