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Dido's big break came back in 2000 when Eminem sampled her song, "Thank You," on his track, "Stan." Since that dynamic collaboration, the pop star has gone on to produce numerous hits and earn several awards. After an extended hiatus, Dido is back with her fourth studio album, Girl Who Got Away, which just came out last week. The first single, "No Freedom," is classic Dido with her soft, captivating voice defiantly insisting that love and freedom must coexist in order to thrive. Parade balloons, confetti, marching bands and poignant home movies make up the track's eclectic, but engrossing video.

Born in London on Christmas Day, Dido was raised by her poet mother and publisher father. She was just six when she enrolled at London's Guildhall School of Music & Drama and managed to master the piano, violin and the recorder. Despite all her musical training, Dido opted for a job in publishing, but also continued to perform locally. The singer even sang with her brother Rollo's band, Faithless. A solo opportunity arose after Clive Davis heard some of Dido's demos and signed her to Arista Records. Her debut offering, No Angel, came out in 1999, but it wasn't until Eminem sampled "Thank You" that the album really took off. She even appeared in his disturbing video for "Stan." Dido followed up with Life for Rent in 2003 and the single, "White Flag," became another bona fide hit. Next up was Safe Trip Home in 2008 and then she took a break after getting married and giving birth to her son. She's also contributed to several film and TV soundtracks, including Sex and the City 2, 127 Hours, Sliding Doors and Roswell. Now back in the spotlight with Girl Who Got Away, Dido has once again harnessed her unique demure electronic sound to produce some truly standout singles. She's a real original who's not afraid to put somber lyrics to an infectious beat and it's her unconventional approach that makes us big fans.

Watch Dido's video for "No Freedom" below before heading over to I AM THAT GIRL’s YouTube channel. While you’re there, don’t forget to tune into our Music Mondays playlist, which is updated every week.

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