Music Mondays: Dar Williams


Image by Amy Dickerson

Like Ani DiFranco and Shawn Colvin, Dar Williams has proven herself an enduring, female voice on the international indie-folk-pop circuit. For more than sixteen years, this New York native has churned out thoughtful, inspired, and musically textured songs that speak to so many of our universal experiences. Her latest album, Time of Gods borrows from themes, tropes, images, and ideas peppering Greek mythology to give them a distinctly modern twist.

Discussing the album on her website, Williams states: “I’m interested in power right now,” she says. “I’m in my 40s, and I’m shocked that the café conversations I had in my 20s-’Somebody has to do something!’- are now my responsibility. I see people who are actually doing things that you always dreamed somebody would do, and I can help make that a reality. So the stakes are higher, in a good way, but you also see the shadow, the reckless behavior, where a person can lose it all in a weekend.”

While you're groovin on Time of Gods, revisit one of Williams' most beloved anthems "As Cool As I Am" and be sure to visit all the awesome tunes on IATG's Music Mondays Playlist updated at the start of each week!


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