Music Mondays: Caitlin Crosby

This West Coast singer/songwriter/actress put out an inspirational song, and managed to start a movement. "Flawz" is all about embracing our flaws, instead of trying to cover them up. Caitlin has certainly experienced the pressure to be "perfect" over the course of her career in Hollywood, especially when it came to a Levi's ad campaign where her image was reportedly airbrushed.

"My thighs do not look like that!" she informed "At the time [the ad was shot] I was on Accutane and had horrendous acne, and in the picture it looks like I have no pores, which is great but I don't really look like that."

Caitlin has appeared on numerous TV shows and even in some films, but it was her natural musical talent that really got noticed. Producers like Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds helped her fine tune her craft, and she released her debut album, Flawz back in 2009.

For the title track's video, Caitlin intermingled fan-submitted items as well as a few offerings from her famous friends like Jennifer Love Hewitt. Caitlin even started a Web site called along with her friend Brie Larson to carry on the song's message.

Check out Caitlin's flawed video below or head over to I AM THAT GIRL's YouTube channel. While you're there, tune into our brand new Music Mondays playlist, which will be updated every week.

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