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“You have to want to sing about the many parts of who you are, not just the pretty things, or the things you think are cute,” writes Spanish singer Buika on her Facebook page. “Because the art of a person is sometimes in their pain. It’s everywhere and I think one must live openly, bravely, and tell it like it is at every moment, as if you were breathing.”

Born in Mallorca, Buika grew up impoverished with parents from Equatorial Guinea; they were the only black family in a neighborhood of "Roma" or gypsies. Her combined love of poetry and music forms the foundation for Buika's performance and artistic style. Buika draws on flamenco, jazz, gypsy rumba, and Afro-Cuban rhythms in her music to give listeners a heart-pounding, emotional experience.


In addition to being an accomplished poet (Buika has released two collections of poetry), Buika is known for collaborating with eclectic musicians from all over the world including,  Anoushka Shankar, Chick Korea, Niño Josele, Maritza, Bebo y Chucho Valdes, Luz Casal, Seal, Armando Manzanero, and Nelly Furtado. Buika's music has also appeared on the soundtrack of Director Pedro Almodovar's 2011 film, La piel que habito (The skin I Live in ).

Buika describes herself as a "creative survivor" and notes that "Mother" is her greatest role and most important responsibility.

Enjoy Buika's "La Nave Del Olvido" and be sure to check out all the grooves on  I AM THAT GIRL's Music Monday's playlist, updated each week!


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