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Most ten-year-old girls are busy spending time with friends, balancing school and social activities, and watching their favorite t.v. shows or movies. Ariana Grande was never like most ten-year-old kids. At the age of ten, the budding singer/performer co-founded the youth singing group Kids Who Care in South Florida, which was a group that combined their love of singing and performing with social activism, performing at charitable events and raising more than $500,000 for benevolent organizations in 2007 alone. And that was just her first act.


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In the last six years Ariana Grande has become a household name as a pop star and beloved television personality from her role as Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon's Victorious. With a love for the lights instilled in Ariana from an early age, she became involved in the arts via a stint on Broadway as Charlotte in the musical 13.

Between her work in theatre and her stint on television, Ariana has always maintained an active career as a singer. She has performed as a soloist with various symphonies as well as released covers of songs by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Releasing a solo album seemed like a logical next step for the busy teen and in June 2013 Yours Truly hit record stores and internet music platforms world wide. Yours Truly earned Ariana a number one spot on Billboard making her the only female artist to achieve the distinction with a first album since Ke$ha's 2010 Animal.

Combining the musical stylings of funk, pop, R&B, and dance, Ariana credits performers such as Mariah Carey, India.Arie, and Imogene Heap as influences. She also professes a deep love for rap, noting Fergie as a huge source of inspiration and creative energy.

Check out "The Way" from Yours Truly and be sure to sample all the amazing grooves on I AM THAT GIRL's Music Monday Playlist, updated each week!



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