Music Mondays: Angel Olsen

Alt-rock, spectral country, and even spectral accoustica are some of the phrases used to describe the haunting sound of Missouri born singer/songwriter Angel Olsen.

Olsen launched her career performing back-up for Bonnie "Prince" Billy and the Cairo Gang. In 2011 she released an original EP titled Strange Cacti followed by 2012's full-length disc Half Way Home.


Known for being intensely introspective and bringing a raw intimacy to her sound, Olsen told a journalist for Pitchfork Magazine that many times the significance of her songs are private and mysterious even to her: "People are always asking me what everything means, and half the time I am at that moment deciding what to tell them. Later on I realize, 'Well, I can't really promise that that's the truth about it.'"

Olsen's most recent album is title Burn Your Fire For No Witness and marks new territory for the singer/songwriter. A lot of the material is excited and angry, but then some of it's quiet and collected—not quite resigned, but defiant," she tells Pitchfork. "The attitude is, "OK, I accept this mind state." I relate those moods to patterns of grief, when you're going through rejection. You're just having that time where you're like, "It doesn't bother me, everything's fine." And then you're really sad and then you start to feel all these other things."

Give "Forgiven/Forgotten" a listen and be sure to check out all the grooves on  I AM THAT GIRL's Music Monday's playlist, updated each week!


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