Miss Independent...Sort Of

By: Nicole Shermet, IATG ContributorJuly 20, 2016


Recently I made the move from Canada to England. It wasn’t an easy decision, and even now I can’t believe that I did it. I went from living with my parents and not worrying about anything to living 3000 miles away from my family and being 100% financially independent. It’s been a massive and challenging change.

I had lived on my own before and been in charge of paying my own bills, but I always had a safety net to fall on – my family. If things went wrong, they were there. Moving to London, I no longer have that. I have to figure things out on my own. Nobody is going step in and take over.  

I craved independence when I was living at home. I was tired of having to tell people where I was going and with whom. It felt weird to still be living with my parents, eating their groceries and using their TV and Internet. I was working full-time, but I didn’t feel like I had much control over my life.

Living over here – I pay my own rent, utilities, phone bill, gym membership, transport costs, groceries, and other expense. It’s not easy managing everything on my own; I find it overwhelming a lot of the time. When I first arrived I didn’t know how anything worked and it was terrifying.

I thought I was ready to do it all my own, but I couldn’t.

I eventually had to reach out for help. Funnily enough, nobody saw it as a sign of weakness! They knew how it worked, were able to provide their opinions, and point me in the right direction.

It seems like everything and everyone is pushing us to become independent and live on our own. We are meant to become ‘proper adults.’ I feel like 100% independence is not possible, and if it is, it’s lonely. Why would you want to do everything on your own, when you have family and/or friends who are willing and happy to help you out? Asking for guidance and help doesn’t mean you are not able to do something on your own, it means you want to do it right and are learning from people you trust.

Balancing my newfound independence with asking others for help is hard.  

It’s not all sunshine and butterflies(and not because its rains all the time here). There are days when I am terrified, overwhelmed, and scared. I have to know when to push myself and get out of my comfort zone, and when I truly need assistance. Each decision is mine to make, and I am proud of where I have ended up. I can’t wait to see what comes next in my London adventure. Life is so much easier, and a lot more fun, when you invite others along for the ride.


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Who has helped you become more independent? Who is always there for you when you’ve need a little advice or extra help? Show them some love today and let them know just how much they’ve impacted your life.

About Nicole:

Nicole_Shermet.jpgNicole is a 2012 communications and business graduate, who then specialized in Public Relations. She grew up in the Great White North (aka Canada) and recently moved to London. A top priority is trying to navigate adulthood. Her interests include travelling, exercising, and finding edible gluten & dairy free treats (darn allergies).

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    Onwards and upwards, indeed, Madeline! ❤️🙌

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