Miracles Happen Every Day


My meeting with Good Day LA couldn�t have gone better. Hosting Good Day LA is an actual dream of mine, so getting close to your holy grail is always daunting and stomach-knotting. I left feeling like I left everything on the table, made my intentions known, and charmed the dream job gatekeeper at least enough to get another meeting. If there' s anything I have learned in the entertainment industry, though, it�s not to be attached to anything.

I had planned to stay in Los Angeles a few more days to soak up the gorgeous weather before returning to the summer death box that is Texas at the moment. At least that was my plan before I received a message that my father wasn’t doing well and was weaker than he had been since he was first diagnosed. I’m not sure if it was just that I was so far away, but my little girl panic button was pressed and within minutes I was making outrageously rapid plans to get home.

Having the luxury of a sister-in-law who flies for American, I tend to mooch free standby tickets and immediately called to see if I could hop on the earliest flight to Houston. The following hour was a blur of packing, canceling meetings, returning the rental car, and barely making it to my gate only to have the last standby ticket issued two minutes later. Maybe it was the adrenaline, the fear of my dad not being well or the culmination of the past two months smashed into a single disappointing moment, but I officially lost it.

Let me preface by saying that I�ve never been a public crier, but I couldn�t have controlled it if I tried. I begged to be placed on the plane, in the luggage compartment or even curled up at someone�s feet. The only suggestion to this sobbing girl was to wait for the next flight to see if I could get a seat. Glancing down at my watch, I realized that I now had 8 hours to kill when all I could think about was getting to my dad.

I cried inconsolably for 30 minutes and when all the tears were out, I opened up my computer and started to check e-mails. I was praying I’d make it on the next flight, that someone wouldn’t show up so I’d get a seat. I took a moment to e-mail a dear friend to apologize for the lack of communication and explained that I was in the airport on standby, hoping to get back to my dad. Then all of a sudden he called and asked me my birthday before promptly hanging up. He called back three minutes later to say that he and his wife had bought me an insanely expensive seat on the flight. “All I ask is that you get home to your dad and love on him for us; nothing is more important,” he explained. And just like Batman after a brawl, he didn’t want any credit.

Prayers do work, miracles do happen, and people can be our angels. I’m still in shock by his generosity, but if anything, it has just inspired me to pay it forward. So my love goes out to Michael and his wife. Thank you for continuing to teach me how to love so selflessly as well as for the reminder that our duty is to take better care of each other. I'm also happy to report that my dad is doing much better, so thank all of you for the continued prayers.

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