"Be present in all things, be thankful for all things."

~ Maya Angelou


Dr. Megan Jones is an international thought-leader, academic researcher, and entrepreneur devoted to designing scalable and evidence-based interventions for improving mental and physical wellbeing. Megan holds academic degrees in psychology from UC San Diego, Stanford, and Yale. She is a faculty member at Stanford University and Chief Science Officer at a digital mental health company, Lantern, which she helped found. Jones actively works with international and national policy-makers, not-for profit, philanthropic and commercial organizations to reduce mental health care disparities and scale access to research-backed interventions. Megan's academic and advocacy work has been recognized by the European Union, National Institute of Mental Health, the United States House of Representatives, and Stanford University. Megan finds strength in being vulnerable which makes her an authentic and inspiring leader. She divides her time between San Francisco and Vienna, Austria.


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