Me. Defined On My Terms

By: Ryan Roberts, Guest Blogger

I am often hesitant to write what is truly on my mind. Not because I am afraid to share my stories, rather I am afraid of how others will perceive them. I was struggling with this the other day when it hit me. I own everything that has happened to me—I own my stories. If people wanted me to only write positive things, they should have behaved better.

This thought was sparked by an anonymous quote that I stumbled upon. It asked, “If the world was blind how many people would you impress?”

I am the daughter of a violent offender—a statement that makes most people shutter. The thing that people don’t understand is that this statement does not define who I am as a person, nor does it define my father. I understand that more often than not children follow in their parents’ footsteps; however, mine have always encouraged me to follow my own path & to learn from their mistakes.


We are all so quick to judge every book by its cover, there is a reason those words are considered to be “cliché.” The trick is to look a little deeper. If more people did then they might understand that sure, I may be the daughter of an ex-con, but I am also a sister, a girlfriend, a college graduate, a former collegiate student body president, a dreamer—a girl who chose to define herself.

If the world was blind, would people still see your beauty?

Let's Chat!

How many times do we judge based only on what we see?

  • When was the last time someone judged you? How did it feel?
  • Ryan poses a great question at the end of her piece, what would you answer?
  • What's your story? What do you want people to know? Share it here with us!

About Ryan

ryan.jpgI am a Boise State University senior working toward a marketing BBA & a political science AA. I am extremely outgoing & optimistic. My passion tends to consume me, I drink too much tea, & I love football more than most things.






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