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By Rachel Benbrook, Guest BloggerJuly 25, 2015

As a proud Oklahoman, I am always ecstatic when someone from my home state makes headlines for doing positive things.

I was exceptionally proud last week when Oklahoma native, Olivia Jordan, was crowned Miss USA for her responses to difficult and important interview questions.


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The Miss USA pageant has recently come under scrutiny due to the comments made by its owner, Donald Trump. Trump spoke controversially about Mexican immigrants, making derogatory statements about the harm these immigrants supposedly can cause to our communities.

Instead of shying away from this difficult topic, Olivia Jordan gave a direct response to the difficult situation at hand. She let the audience know that the pageant was like a family, and she felt they all supported one another.

She then stated that race relations our currently our nation’s greatest challenge, and we have not yet come to a place where we can openly discuss these issues and move forward.

She also stated that Oprah or Harriet Tubman should be featured on our new currency, as there is much debate regarding placing a woman on currency for the first time.

Her thoughtful responses helped me see the difference that one woman can make by standing strong in the face of a difficult situation. She knew that a wrong had been committed by Mr. Trump’s hurtful comments, and she still used the platform she had to speak her mind. She stood up for what’s right, and hopefully made an impact on the opinions of Americans who were watching the televised event.

Olivia carried herself with great tact and grace, and she shed light on an important topic.

I am always a proud ‘Okie,’ but I’m an even prouder one now thanks to Olivia Jordan.

Congratulations to her, and I can’t wait to see how she continues to use this title to better others and the world around her.

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