Make Your Life A Page-Turner!

By: Shannon Gardner, Guest Blogger

Have you ever wondered if you could be the novelist of your own twisty-turn-y, inspiring story that millions would read? If you’ve never imagined your life in such a way, I have some exciting news: you are already an author. 

Do you ever have one of those days? Maybe it’s raining on Monday morning, the store is out of your favorite type of cereal, or your current Netflix addiction is reeling you into a safe cocoon, a.k.a your comfy cozy bed. We’ve all been there—we’re only human! But keeping this metaphor in mind can give you the power to remind yourself, “Hmm… if I were reading this page, I’d be pretty bored…maybe I should write something different today.” Thinking this way can help you become motivated to seek an adventure in this moment, before it’s time to turn the page for a new one tomorrow!


With access to social media in the touch of a pocket-sized screen, it’s no wonder that we sometimes forget to focus on our own unique stories. Whether it’s standing in line at the grocery store or sitting in traffic, many of us spend free moments “liking” our friends’ highlight reels. While it’s awesome to feel connected, this can make it even more difficult to remember that we are in the process of creating our own riveting stories and those pages are where we should be committing our energy.

What if instead, we took these moments to strike up a conversation with the person in line behind us, or maybe just to breathe deeply and enjoy the beauty of a peaceful moment? We owe ourselves the opportunity to relax, use our senses to soak up the present moment and create beauty that is entirely our own. These little flashes of time are the building blocks to a colorful life!

It’s not always easy to generate the new, but when we re-read the pages we’re currently writing, we will thank ourselves for radiating boldness and taking courageous chances in our previous chapters. So challenge yourself to say yes to new endeavors, chase those passionate dreams that scare you and be-YOU-tiful today! Who knows? Your novel just might end up on Barnes and Nobel bookshelves one of these days.

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YOUR life is happening all around you, right now, so get in the game and make the most of it!

  • Challenge yourself to, as Shannon suggests, fill your down time with presentness. How does it feel? What do you notice?

About Shannon

shannon.jpgShannon is a psychology student at The Ohio State University. An optimist, dreamer and traveler from Upstate New York, she is using her passion and energy to encourage others while striving to empower college women within I Am That Girl Local: Ohio State Chapter. In her free time, Shannon enjoys traveling, yoga, hiking the outdoors, blogging and photography!




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