Make Fall Fresh With New Beginnings!

By: Angela McNally, Regular Contributor

Although I am sad to see summer go, fall truly is my most favorite time of the year!

The new beginning feeling has been engrained in many of us since childhood thanks to “back to school” excitement we experienced growing up. Next to a New Year resolution, this is the biggest lifestyle change time of the year.

What area of your life would you like to find more balance in? Pick one and really give it some love this season!


This year, I'm focusing on my health and really getting an auto-immune disorder I was recently diagnosed with under control. I really dislike and don’t believe in diets. However, giving myself a little extra TLC through consuming proper nutrition that fuels and heals my body is truly what I need right now. So I am making the commitment to love my body as much as I possibly can this fall to become my healthiest and happiest self.

Last fall I was changing the format of my business. I was pretty lost and in a tight spot financially. Instead of only focusing on my entrepreneurial endeavors, I made the decision to supplement my income with an additional job. It wasn’t my ideal situation, but it helped me to heal my financial troubles and soon return to business as usual as a full time entrepreneur. In addition to creating an additional stream of income for myself, I also practiced loving my money and finances as much as I possibly could.

What does that mean? I kept track of all spending with spreadsheets, I paid my bills on time with a grateful attitude, and managed my money in a loving and responsible way. Making my commitment to fixing my finances healed a lot of pain and negative ways thinking for me. I’m glad I took that time to learn to love my money, as it’s lead me to be thriving in my business, debt-free and to have a beautiful and responsible relationship with my finances.

And finally, a few fall seasons ago, I was holding on to a bad relationship. I was hopeful someone would commit to me that just simply would not. Although there were moments in our relationship that would lead me to believe it would get more serious, it never did.

I made the decision to release my pain and stress over this relationship that was no longer serving me by closing the door once-and-for-all. It wasn’t easy and it was definitely painful at times. But loving myself was top priority, and keeping myself in an unhealthy dynamic was not part of that.The following May I meet my current boyfriend of two and a half years and I’m couldn’t be more happy. I needed to let go of what wasn’t working, to allow what was meant to happen flow in.

Everyone has tough spots in their life, and every area of life is a tough spot at one point for every single person. There are not exceptions to this rule.

This fall I challenge you to address what area is causing you the most pain, and give yourself some maximum love in that area. Join me in giving your body some extra love, let go of a relationship no longer serving you, or take responsibility for your finances. Whatever it is that is coming up for you, use this new beginning to make a change towards happiness! All while wearing cozy sweaters, loving the colorful leaves, and sipping on hot tea. Happy fall season!

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angela.jpgAngela McNally is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach from Toronto, ON. She loves green juice, gourmet food, writing and yoga. Her mission is to eliminate ‘the diet’ and reignite health and wellness through teaching self-love. Angela is the founder of Eating Pretty Nutrition and currently works as a wellness consultant (



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