Madeline Stuart is THAT GIRL

By Rachel Benbrook, guest blogger

Media has a responsibility to showcase different types of beauty when it comes to its models. And, Madeline Stuart is demanding that they do so. She is THAT GIRL, and she has the ambition to break into fashion.

Have you ever looked at the magazine section in the checkout aisle or the billboard of a fashion brand and wondered why you can’t relate to the majority of the women they feature? I know I have.

Like many women, I feel that the fashion industry has long been out of touch in regards to showing realistic interpretations of beauty. As a result, many young women try to strive for unattainable and unrealistic ideas of body image.

People come in all shapes and sizes, so why don’t most models reflect this?

Eighteen-year-old Madeline Stuart from Brisbane, Australia has decided she wants to change this. She’s ready to change the fashion industry in a positive way. Madeline was born with Down syndrome and a heart condition; however, she has never let this stop her from achieving her dreams. And her current dream? Being a fashion model.


Madeline is an active athlete, and she has participated in dance and sports her whole life.

Madeline’s mother has often spoken of the negativity many people have shown her daughter; with a few people even commenting that they didn’t think Madeline would ever be able to achieve much in life.

With such horrible stigma surrounding people with intellectual disabilities, wouldn’t it be amazing if the fashion industry started using various types of models to change these perceptions for the good? Madeline thinks so too.

I think it would be an amazing step in the right direction for Madeline to be able to enter the modeling industry. She is talented, dedicated, and committed to her modeling career. So why should she be stopped from doing something she loves because of being different?

We need to question true beauty really is? Madeline is a strong courageous woman who deserves the opportunity to pursue her dreams of becoming a model.

Different is beautiful, and women and girls like Madeline who are brave enough to challenge the status quo are beginning to open doors for women everywhere.

It is time that the magazine section of the checkout aisle reflected what true beauty is. The fashion industry should select models who demonstrate beauty at every level, starting with Madeline. 

Let's chat! How would you like to see the fashion industry change? Do you think we need more models like Madeline to spice up our fashion world? Tell us about it here!

About Rachel

RACHEL_BENBROOK.jpgRachel is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and the University of Leeds where she studied Political Communications. She is a passionate advocate of strong friendships, caffeine, social justice, current events, travels and adventures, as well as all things peanut butter. She enjoys watching Parks and Recreation, as well as teaching English to new language learners.



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