Brazilian. Music is her passion along with TV shows.
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  • commented on Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Finding Your Tribe 2015-12-09 12:11:47 -0800
    I always had a hard time about feeling part of a tribe, it never felt right, I couldn’t feel that I was part of that. Recently I realized that I often shut off everybody that was trying to be my friend. I wasn’t able to let people be part of my life so I couldn’t feel like part of a tribe. Of course that changed at the moment I realized what I was doing, I took me years to do that but I did. By doing that I was finally able to find my tribe and be there. Most of those people I knew for years, but only a few months back I was able to see them as my tribe. Some of them are the opposite of me, and that doesn’t matter because we love each other and I guess that’s the key. ISA you are rocking with those posts! Love you lots!!
  • commented on Monday Moment: Family Is What You Make It 2015-12-07 18:03:44 -0800
    You beautiful girl!! I’m so proud and happy to see your post here! Your history is beautiful and you transmit that beautifully.

    I came from a huge family no kidding, my dad has 10 siblings, that’s a lot! And my mom has 2, almost all of them have kids except two. Most of my cousins are now married and with kids. From my generation there are only my sister, my cousin that has my age only a few months older and I that are single. People used to think that we where twins when we where kids him and I looked a lot like each other and we where very tie, today we only see each other in family events. My family is that kind of family that are together only at the events. but is not general my mother siblings specially her sister is very close to us, and her kids are actually like brothers to me they are here every weekend, there are some of my dad’s siblings that we see almost every week as well, I had a aunt that was like a mother to me, she died. I think tis topic is amazing, because I used to have I bad relationship with my dad, he was there but he wasn’t there, he wasn’t a present father and he was constantly trying to put me down, and I thought that would never change but it did. And I guess it started after my aunt died she was his older sister and he had a lot of love and respect for her, and losing her without expecting (because she was healthy and just had a heart attack), may have made him realize that life will pass in a blink of eyes, and he started to be more present, we watch movies together, we dance together in our living room, we talk more, he started to show his love with small acts, and now we have a better relationship. It’s not perfect but is good to see that he was able to do better and I was able to let him do it. And yes family is what we make it, that being friends that are family, or making better with your blood family, is totally up to us what’s gonna be.

  • commented on Monday Moment: Family Dynamics 2015-12-03 15:24:02 -0800
    Love this!! Can’t wait to read everything!
  • commented on Thanksgiving Surprise: Emily Greener 2015-11-27 15:41:56 -0800
    Emily, I am so thankful for you and this entire community of incredible humans, that constant inspires me, this is everything!
  • commented on Thanksgiving Surprise: Juli Reed 2015-11-26 14:38:19 -0800
    It’s being so amazing to hear all of those beautiful things! Juli you are so inspiring!! Thank you!!
  • commented on Thanksgiving Surprise: Camellia Khalvati 2015-11-25 14:33:43 -0800
    This is beautiful!! You are a beautiful human Cam! Thank you for lighting our days!
  • commented on Thanksgiving Surprise: Kate Poppe 2015-11-24 17:41:00 -0800
    Oh Kate this is so beautiful, and I have a big smile on my face after watch it. You are such a inspiration for all of us!! Lots of love for you!
  • commented on Thanksgiving Surprise: Sheila Moeschen 2015-11-24 17:36:52 -0800
    Love this!! You are amazing!!!
  • commented on A Swan Song about giving up 2015-09-04 19:06:38 -0700
    GIRL!! you’re blowing my heart!!
    Your honesty inspire me, your strength inspires me. Thank you for sharing this.
    I think we all have moments that we feel like giving up. We’ve got to believe, stand up, and fight back, and that’s what you did. I’m proud of you, know that, and know that we are here for you always.
    I love you!!
  • published Hey everyone! in Leader Lounge 2015-08-26 18:22:01 -0700

    Hey everyone!

    I have a hard time when it comes to open up. I have this thing holding me back every time I think about be open and post something or talk to someone. So I usually don't post anything anywhere and don't talk with people because I think I'm going to be bothering them, and I end up not making connections and friends because of this insane fear. I don't think that's cool.

    I just had a talk with my dear friend Isa about all this, and She said: "We are part of such an incredible community. Use that safe space to start." Here I am, not just to tell you about this thing that I struggle with, but to say that starting today I'll push myself to go out of my comfort zone and open up with you girls, and later with the world.


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