Love These Links: IATG Web Round-up #3

A rock-your-face-off round-up of articles, blogs, and videos!


heart4.pngStupid BuzzFeed *sniff* proving that humans are still pretty great *sniff*


heart4.pngAre you watching the smart, funny gals of Broad City? TONS of buzz around this new comedy series starring NYC comics Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson produced by Amy Poehler!


heart4.pngCheck out this comic challenging sexism one panel at at time. Thanks Upworthy!


heart4.pngLooking for some great, new YA recs? Flavorwire's got you covered!


heart4.pngMae Young might have been an original THAT GIRL! She was one of the first female wrestlers to put women front and center in the ring. Ms. Young passed away this week at 90 years young. Read all about her life here!


heart4.pngSuperstar Cate Blanchett is taking down sexism right on the red carpet. Check it at Huffington Post.


heart4.pngRead all about Alexis Wilkinson, not only the FIRST woman, but the first African American woman to run the Harvard Lampoon! Funny girls ARE changing the world!


heart4.pngDove is doing it again with a new video exploring how the Selfie might help us redefine beauty. Watch the video here.




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