Love These Links: IATG Web Round-up #2

A rock-your-face-off round-up of great articles, blogs, and videos around the web!


heart4.pngHave you seen these photos taken by this AH-manzing Russian mom? Get ready to feel your heart squeeeeeze!


heart4.pngMove over Barbie, the Queens of Africa dolls are here because every little girl deserves to see her unique #beautyFULL self reflected.


heart4.pngOne more reason to heart Janelle Monae! Huffington Post gives us a sneak peek on her Sesame Street appearance.


heart4.pngMaria Shriver is a long-time advocate for women from all walks of life, in all economic and social positions. Her recently released The Shriver Report is helping to fast track awareness and activism about all kinds of issues impacting women. Check it!


heart4.pngGabourey Sidibe shuts down the fat shaming. Blammo!


heart4.pngSoul Pancake and Darling Magazine teamed up to help women heal and get real about body image. Watch the inspiring video and ask yourself "When do YOU feel most beautiful?"


heart4.pngNeed a winter pick-me-up? BuzzFeed gives us 10, solid DIY tips to chase those winter blahs.


heart4.pngAlready feeling the Amy Poehler/Tina Fey post Golden Globes let down? Indulge in the best moments from these smart, hilarious, and crazy talented comedians!


heart4.pngGIRLS fan? Lena Dunham junky? Jezebel weighs in on Dunham's Vogue cover. What do you think?


heart4.pngFunny girls are CRUSHING it at the 12th Annual Glasgow International Comedy Festival! Remember the person who said women can't be as funny as men? Yeah. Me neither.


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