Love Letter to My Girls

By Stefs Lima, Guest Blogger

My girls, this is a letter. Not just for one girl, but for all of you. For the ones I know. For the ones I never met. For the ones who are no longer part of my life. For the ones I hope to meet someday.

These words are to a friend.

I'm glad to be part of your life. Even if we don't know each other, you're here, reading this, and, at this moment, I'm part of your time. And I'm glad. No matter how, no matter when, no matter the situation. I'm glad that you're here. I'm glad that I have friends who still remember my name when they're happy, sad, angry, or exploding inside out about something really incredible.

I'm glad to see you fighting and trying, and not giving up. I'm glad to see your pretty face and your pretty smile, even if it is only in a photograph. I'm glad that even in distance, I can feel in a weird way that you need help. The same way you know when I need a hand.

I'm glad to give you inspiring words like these. Sometimes, words can be better than a hug, but both are equally amazing. They make us feel better. Safe. Loved. Appreciated. I want you to feel all these things after reading this.

I'm glad to know that kindness exists in your heart. I’m so happy that you're trying not to live in a bittersweet song, but rather in a sweet one that reminds you who you are and describes the better version of yourself.


I'm glad to know that you're fearless enough to stand up for yourself, to be who you are, to enjoy the little things in life, and to enjoy the sunrise even when you're sad.

So thank you for letting me know, in some way, all those things. I accept you entirely. And I'm glad that you accept me too, with my words, my flaws, and my need to have some time for my own.

Thanks for inspiring me every single day with your stories, your fights, your happiness. Thanks for showing me every day that you are THAT GIRL for many reasons. Thanks for showing me your vulnerability, your sadness, and your fears. All of this makes me feel incredibly special.

My girls, you'll always find someone who will love you for you, who will love being a part of your journey. Believe me. One day they will say to you, “I'm glad that I have you in my life.”

And I'm glad that you all are still in mine.

My girls, some people will leave and be gone for good. This happens not because we want to or because it's our fault. Maybe, the journey is over because it has given us all that it can.  

Just don't forget that some people stay, for good.

And that's why I love you and your journey. I love to see how you’ve grown and how you’ve changed. Most importantly, I love being a character in your story. I love to know that our journey together has not ended yet. I love the fact that we still are on the same page, but living them in our own chapters.

My girls, I'm proud of you. You stayed. You're here. And I love you. 

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About Stefs


Stefs Lima has her own world called Random Girl ( She is a journalist, lives in Brazil and spends a lot of her time writing (A LOT). Secret desires: continue to inspire people and create more and more stories to share. 

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  • commented 2015-04-20 18:30:01 -0700
    Stef, I couldnt be more proud of you, darling! As you said at the beginning we dont know each other very well and actually I do not know that much about your life, but I’m sure of one thing: You came to change the life of SO MANY GIRLS out there. Every text that I read here change me a little bit and make me a better version of myself. I’m working hard to be the BEST version that I can be. This text of yours really put me to the tears right now, and you know why? Because sometimes we need to read that we are enough, that we are capable of so many things out there. We know we are, but sometimes we forget about it. Thanks for reminding me. Lets be THAT GIRL together. #IATGBrazil

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