Love Bombed

By: Alexis Jones, IATG Co-Founder


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What is a love bomb you may ask? Well, it’s when your sneaky best friend contacts all your friends and family, asking them to write you a love letter for your 30th birthday. Then that same best friend not only collects and print outs out all of those letters, but then photo copies them and makes an entire mural of them and has it shipped you. Being a professional speaker, rarely do I find myself at loss for words and yet that was certainly the case when I walked into my home and a huge box lay politely against the wall awaiting my return from the post office.

As I cut open the box and found a mural wrapped delicately in protective casing, I began to see through the industrial strength saran wrap and suddenly little scratches of paper became more clear: An elephant, the state of California cut out; it was a collage (which in case you don’t know me, is my favorite hobby of all time). My eyes began scanning the bright bits of colors, the sentimental knick-knacks, and my eyes started welling up with tears. It was right about that time that I also noticed a thick envelope and the words written, “love letters for you.” I unlaced the old school thread holding the enveloped closed and out poured just that, love letters. Notes from old friends, from new friends, people from LA to NY to Florida to Texas.

The tears were not just gently filling up my eye lids, but they were flooding down my cheeks, taking my mascara with them, and dropping off my cheeks with little to no regard of my white jeans. Ask me if I cared in that precious moment that my white jeans were ruined for the day. Nope, not even a little bit. I was truly and wonderfully hit by the love bomb of all love bombs! I haven’t wept like that in years because few things are as overwhelming as when we realize just how loved, how cherished, and how precious we are to the people in our lives.

It’s so easy to go through our day assuming that people know how much we care about them, but sometimes we forget how important it is to remind them. My best friend (Miss Emily Greener) certainly outdid herself and she continues to surprise me with her selflessness, her thoughtfulness, and her ability to inspire the very greatest from people. If there is anything I AM THAT GIRL stands for, it’s love bombs. We say all the time that our only real mission is loving girls back to life, and in moments when we are reminded that (whether we’ve forgotten it or not) that we are awesome, there’s nothing like being reminded of that little fact. Looks like I have a love bomb to pay forward and I cannot wait to identify the next victim. Though Emily’s birthday is in the next two months, so she’s certainly a strong candidate.

In the mean time, feeling so wonderfully, indescribably, and unconditionally loved, I have no option but to share it with you and with anyone who happens to cross my perma-smile face. So in case you haven’t been told today: I love you and you’re awesome. Consider yourself cyber-love-bombed! 

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