Loretta Lynch: Fighting for a Cause

By Dana Zillgitt, Regular Contributor

Loretta Lynch is a badass, AND she was just appointed attorney general with a strong vendetta against human trafficking and its assorted pimps and traffickers. But it took her the longest amount of time, at 165 days, that any candidate has faced yet to be sworn in and approved by the Senate on April 27th. And the kicker? It was a human trafficking bill (the very cause she has dedicated much of her career fighting for) that blocked her. But, after a long span of suspense, she was still confirmed at a vote of 56 to 43.


What’s so amazing about Lynch is not only the fact that she is the first African American female to be appointed to this position or that she served two terms as a federal prosecutor in New York City, but also her very passion for the cause and for fighting against modern day slavery. Her mission over the past few years has been to fight for “both strength and fairness for the protection of both the needs of victims and the rights of all.” And, she’s the epitome of why we can still place our trust in lawyers, law enforcement, and related fields. She’s terrifying, but she’s brilliant at what she does.

So why is it so important that she was recently granted this position? Human trafficking is an epidemic in our country that nobody wants to talk about. She has an incredibly high success rate in prosecuting pimps. And, an entire town in Mexico, which has five of the top ten for America’s most wanted, is terrified of her. And while prosecuting these terrors, she’s also committed to the victim’s side as well and has even reunited at least 14 victims with their children, furthering the idea that they’re still worth motherhood and keeping their family in tact.

But why is this such a good thing? Why are we celebrating the fact that Lynch has been appointed as our attorney general? And, why should we care? The answer is simple, because she has a cause. She realizes that her position, the most sought after lawyer position in the country, holds a lot of weight, and she can make a huge impact with this job. Plus, she wants to further relations with Congress and make sure our government is still doing all the things they promise, at least as far as she can influence.

Further, she wants to get rid of human trafficking-both sexual and not-for good. She believes, as many do, that it’s modern day slavery and desires to be kicked to the curb (no pun intended) as soon as possible. She is the true definition of a woman with a mission and is exactly what we need in our lawyer’s offices as well as in our government buildings. Keep up the good work, Loretta Lynch. We’re rooting for you and all that you do. 

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