Like No One Is Watching

By Gabrielle Hastings, Guest Blogge

Last month, a guy I was kind of interested in asked me to go to a cardio dance class at Ohio State called Werk-It. I was hesitant; the only dance experience I had was at the club on a Friday night with my girls or in the comfort of my own bedroom where no one could see me. And cardio has been a frenemy of mine for quite a while, so the whole idea sounded like an accident waiting to happen.  

At first, I used the interest I had in him as motivation. I wanted to impress him and show him I wasn’t afraid to try something new (even though I was). Aaron, the instructor, started the class explaining the class procedure, warning us that things were going to get a bit sexy, and then told us to dance like nobody is watching. Not even halfway through the class I forgot I had even come with someone at all.

Even after that guy and I had a falling-out, I continued to go to the class. I was dancing for me, for the part of me that was too afraid to try something new and for the brave part that did it anyway.


I can’t say I have ever experienced something so incredible. You walk in the room and you’re allowed to be the fun, sexy, and sassy person you are without any fear of judgement. You don’t have to be a dancer, you don’t have to have a certain body type, you don’t even have to like cardio, you just have to allow yourself the freedom to dance without holding yourself back.

Going to this class didn’t just teach me about dancing, it taught me about myself. It taught me that no matter what your reason is for trying something new, just be proud that you did it. Be proud that you allowed yourself to leave your comfort zone. Maybe along the way my reason for going to the class changed, but I would have never been given the opportunity if I had continued to let fear keep me from doing something that made me uncomfortable.

The comfort zone is a place in our mind where we separate the things we are comfortable with and the things we are not. It helps us avoid failure, judgement, vulnerability, and maybe even things about ourselves that we simply don’t like to admit. Yes, there are always going to be things that we simply don’t believe in doing, and that’s okay.

What’s not okay is making up excuses for not being adventurous and letting fear stop us from doing things that just might change our lives. So I’m going to continue to dance like no one’s watching and reevaluate what actually needs to be in my comfort zone and what doesn’t.

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About Gabrielle

GABRIELLE_HASTINGS.jpgGabrielle is an undergraduate student at The Ohio State University studying Human Resources. She is one of many wonderful members of IATG OSU and is thankful for the positive changes this organization has enabled her to make in her life. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, writing, and binge watching television. Check out her personal blog:




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