Light Up Yourself, Light Up the World

By: Emily Pereira, Guest Blogger

Post college, looking for my first job, I kept hearing do what you love and the money will follow. However, amid the chaos of becoming self-sufficient, doing what I thought was expected of me, obtaining the “American Dream,” while also staying fit, finding love, and trying to have a little fun, I completely lost sight of what I was passionate about…if I ever knew in the first place.  

Following in my sister’s footsteps, I took a corporate sales job, embraced my competitive self, and gleaned whatever satisfaction I could from being #1. I rationalized: “The money’s too good to walk away from, I like my lifestyle, or when I retire, I’ll have time to do what I love.”

I knew my life had little real fulfillment, but I’d gotten comfortable, complacent, and fearful of starting over. Finally, I heard a voice cut through all the commotion in my mind. It said, “the gig is up, and it’s time to finally start doing something that really matters to you. Your happiness in this lifetime depends on it.”

Problem was, I honestly didn’t know what would bring me great joy and meaning. The truth is, this voice had been calling out to me for years, but I’d been strategically silencing it with relationships, friendship drama, work, exercise, parties, and anything else that would distract me.


In an effort to know what that unique thing was, I set a directive each night before I went to bed: “I am a passionate creator, doing deeply fulfilling work that brings me great happiness and joy.” About a month later, a friend asked me to write a press release for a teen med spa (of all random things)! Mind you, I hadn’t written anything aside from an email or a thank you letter in over ten years! What seemed insignificant was actually a very important step because it reminded me how much I enjoy writing. I now know that nothing is random and when we set a clear directive, we will create a series of events that will align us with our intuitive wisdom. 

And so I began to write everyday, and I found there’s immense power in boldness. Following the wisdom of my inner voice was like saying, THANK YOU for the message, more of that please! And sure enough, more encouragement, inspiration, and opportunities seemed to magically appear.

I now know real fulfillment and abundance comes from doing work that is truly meaningful and unique to me. I feel energized after long hours of work and find that I have great discipline to complete what I started, where before I had none. I no longer want to rush off to my next vacation, escaping my uninspired life, because now I can’t wait to keep creating.

We are here in this lifetime in each of our bodies for a reason. Our life’s purpose is to find that reason, act on it, and light up ourselves, so we can then turn our light on others and make the world a better place.  

What is your inner wisdom telling you?


About Emily

em_p.jpgEmily Pereira is the Founder of Ordinary Magic, a revolutionary platform of programs designed to create dynamic personal change. As a Spirit Nature Certified Advocate, Emily assists women in gaining greater consciousness, discovering their innate worth and unique creative genius in one-on-one sessions, workshops and group retreats. She is also a writer, artist and musician who believes the creative life is a most adventurous existence that’s intrinsically tied to who we are as spiritual beings.





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