Life Rewards Doers

By: Alexis Meads, Regular Contributor

About three years ago, I had this crazy notion I couldn’t get out of my head. I wanted to move across the country to Portland, Oregon.

Even though I had never been, and had lived on the east coast my whole life, I just knew that this is where I had to be. For an entire year, while I was finishing my master’s degree at Harvard University, I talked to my friends and family about my vision.

I didn’t know anybody there, I didn’t have a job lined up or even a place to live. But I knew that I had to make some major changes in my life. I wasn’t exactly sure of the direction my life was taking, but I knew it would become clear.

Everyone thought I was crazy, but they knew they couldn’t stop me. While I was afraid to leave my comfortable life and my friends, I knew I could have spent years dreaming about what I wanted to do, but never taking action to make it a reality.

Instead, I packed a single suitcase and went.

Now, just two years from that fated day, I’ve launched the business of my dreams, got the apartment and two dogs I always wanted, and met my fiancé. Sometimes I can’t believe how much has happened in the past two years. But I know it happened because I decided to take action and turn my dreams into reality.


You see, life rewards doers. I think having a vision is a beautiful thing and quite necessary. In fact, I work with all of my clients on having a vision for their ideal life. But after you’ve created that vision, you can’t let fear hold you back.

I know a lot of women who have always wanted to start a yoga practice, or get the date, or write that book, or sing that song on stage.

But when the time comes to do it, we get stuck on thoughts such as:

 I’m not good enough

What if nobody likes it

He’ll/she’ll never want to date me

I don’t have enough money

The list can go on and on. And therefore we fill our time with things that keep us distracted, that keep us within our comfort zones.

But eventually, every chance wasted, becomes a life of regret.

So I say stop dreaming about it and start creating it!

If you’ve always wanted to start a business…get that loan.

If you’ve had a crush on that person from school forever…ask them out.

If you want to take your dream trip…start planning it.

If you have a kickass voice…sing that song.

I know that you can do it. The Universe rewards those who dream and then take action. It wants you to have everything your heart longs for.

So what are you going to take action on this year?

About Alexis

IATG_Headshot.jpgAlexis Meads received her M.A. at Harvard University. She is a Certified Wellness Coach and Self-Love Expert. She helps women to fall madly in love, feel sexy and confident every day and create a life full of adventure. For more articles, visit and download her Self Love Manifesto.




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