Life IS Rigged In Your Favor!

By: Emily Pereira, Guest Blogger

“Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.” - Rumi

Unless you are cocooned snuggly inside your comfort zone and take no chances or risks whatsoever, life is going to have turbulence. In fact the more we have the courage to face the darkness inside ourselves and strip away the layers of illusion we insulate inside to feel safe, the more our outside lives are going to shift to mirror our internal growth. Let’s be real, change can be really freaking scary, but ironically, it's the only thing we can count on.

One of the most important recognitions I've ever made: when I let go of trying to control the outcome, and trust that it's all unfolding for my wellbeing, I navigate these transitions with much greater ease and fluidly. This isn’t always easy, and I admit in the past to spending years hanging onto people, jobs, and archaic beliefs long beyond their due dates. I clung to the devil I knew because I didn’t yet trust that the destruction taking place in my life was actually something I created for my benefit, in order to evolve into my highest self. Just as wildfires are absolutely necessary to maintain ecological integrity of many ecosystems, clearing also needs to take place in our own lives before new fertile growth can occur. If we cling ferociously to the past, we often miss out on opportunities to expand our vision of self, which is where we discover the depth of our love, the richness of our unique creative genius, and the brilliance of our spirit.


Our universe is also ever-expanding, and as we transport through dimensional collapses, our planet enters new cycles. Presently, we are in a movement cycle, which means that it’s easier for us to let go of things that no longer serve us and take first steps to a new direction. As we set clear intentions for where we want to go, our external lives will rearrange to assist us in reaching the destination where we have the strongest alignment.

Trusting yourself to know you create your life path to learn and grow and evolve is the secret to being much more comfortable with the uncomfortable uncertainties of life. This is critical because amid the push and pull of life’s complexities, the greatest determinant for creating future-time brightness is your present time vibration. Let go of your worry and know it’s all working out for your benefit!

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About Emily

em_p.jpgEmily Pereira is creator of the Be The BEginner Movement and the popular BEginnerDinner Series. She is passionate about helping others access their innate artist spark and unique creative genius to create inspired, connected and fulfilling lives! As a Spirit Nature Certified Spiritual Advocate, Emily assists women in gaining greater consciousness, cultivating self worth, and discovering their authenticity in one-on-on sessions, workshops and group retreats. 



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