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By: Jessica Scire, Guest Blogger


Frizzy! What it do kid? You prob don’t know who this is but the struggle is real for sure—I came to the house to get Ryan’s clothes the night they came and got you—I couldn’t believe it! I was home since Nov. doin the right thing working but Super Bowl Sunday I relapsed and Ryan and I landed back here in beautiful Charlestown! A letter you sent Christine @ Mass General came here so I figured I’d write ya and show you a little love! This house actually sold so everyone has to be out in like 30 days—prob for the best for Ryan and I—forces our hand to man up and get a place of our own—hopefully! Anyways I hope your doin ok in there—You know how it goes! Got nothing right now but when we come up a little I’ll try to send you a little something towards canteen or the phone—write back to us, we wanna know how your doing (I’m sure fine) but for real keep in touch—Like I said we will be here another 3-4 weeks after that I’ll write ya w/ new address—keep your head up Frizzle.  We are thinking of ya buddy


Lauren & Ryan

You know how sometimes the Universe gives you exactly what you need? Like for instance, a heart-felt letter that puts you right back in your place and humbles your bitter ass? Yeah. That’s what I got today. And I totally deserved it. 

I was on my lunch break walking back to work in the “warm” 40-degree weather we have been having lately in Boston when I noticed this handwritten letter. Its blue ink was staring up at me in the face and I, being naturally nosey, took it upon myself to snatch it up. Scanning over my new lunchtime read as I made my way back, I began to gather that this letter was a lot heavier than I anticipated. It struck a nerve, hit me where it hurts, and put a whole lot of humility back into my atmosphere.

Infer what you will from the letter itself, but one thing shines brighter than the others: compassion. All that was screaming at me through this letter was the compassionate, beautiful soul who took her time to handwrite a letter reaching out to someone in need, someone who she could identify with, and someone she knew needed a friend. 

So, where does my bitterness come in that I mentioned before? Well, in a recent blog of mine, I speak about my experience with “the struggle.” I wrote about how I was deliberately lied to, stolen from, and blind-sided by someone I loved more than life because of his “struggle,” seemingly similar to Frizzle’s. And although for the most part I have overcome my feelings of anger and shame, there is still some animosity left behind.  The drug epidemic? The unspeakable amount of deaths in Massachusetts due to heroin overdoses? The preventative measures taken to avert addictions? Bitter. Bitter. Bitter.  And thankfully today changed that.

So, Lauren, you don’t know who I am but I think you are beautyFULL. You saw someone else in his vulnerable state and validated his identity, his struggle, and his life.  I hope that you feel the same joy that you have given to others, including myself. Thank you for bringing me back to a place of hope, humbleness, and kindheartedness. And of course, kudos to the Universe for giving me exactly what I needed. I should have never doubted you. 

About Jessica

iatgphoto.jpgJessica Scire is a 26-year-old woman living in the Boston area. She teaches Pre-K in Boston, MA and is currently working towards her M.Ed. Jess is a co-leader of the I AM THAT GIRL: Boston Chapter. She loves spending time with her family and friends, reading, laughing, playing with her dog, going for walks, and eating ice cream. 





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