Letter From a Friend

By Susannah Hutcheson, Regular Contributor

Dear girls,

At the risk of sounding like a cheesy self-help book, I wanted to tell you some stuff. I’ve been spending some time “creeping” on all of you- looking at your tweets, your Instagram pictures, the things you like on Facebook. And you all are making me sad. You see, whenever you were created, by whatever being you believe in, you were you. Just you. Some of you have green eyes. Some of you have bushy eyebrows. Some of you have frizzy hair, and some of you have sleek locks. Some of you were born thin, some more curvy. But you know what all of you were born with? Your soul. Your personality. Your brain. Your zest for traveling to new places, or maybe your love for finding old coffee shops. Some of you love to dance, to read mountains of books, to paint beautiful pictures. You weren’t born to be someone else. So why are you trying to?

This world we all live in is hell-bent on telling you what to do and what to wear by simultaneously telling you how to do it. You can be a free spirit, but to be a free spirit you have to wear a flower crown and high-waisted shorts. You should totally listen to some indie bands- but only off of this prescribed list. You should drink coffee. You should shop where you want, but only get the clothes off of the mannequins. You should be a Christian, but only go to this specific church. NO, GIRLS. It is wrong. Do you know how long it took me to figure this out? About 20 years and 4 months- i.e.- I’m still learning. It is so easy to look at someone’s Instagram pictures and want to recreate them or see a specific person wearing something and decide you have to have it. I get it. I’ve been there. 

You need to realize that you are the most beautiful person in the world. Your stretch marks, your frizzy hair, your bushy eyebrows are nothing compared to that heart beating in your chest. They are nothing compared to the brilliance in your mind, the thoughts in your head, the wrinkle of your forehead when you laugh. They are nothing compared to the joy you feel when you see someone you missed, the happiness that cooking gives you, the desire to want something more. Why are you letting the world decide what you should love about yourself?

Stand for something. Don’t let yourself be passive in this life- you only get one of them. Do you wholeheartedly support Hillary’s campaign to be the next President? Awesome- you do you. Are you passionate about helping starving children? Wonderful. Are you just really, really interested in cooking or college footbal, or makeup techniques? That’s so amazing to me. Be interested in something. Let it put fire in your life, and a spark in your step. Let something fuel your life that is not just a tweet you thought was pretty on Twitter. Be your own hero.


Because you, ma’am or sir, are a perfect individual. Your quirks and your mannerisms are what make you, you. The music you listen to, the causes that make you feel a rumble deep down in your chest, the jokes that make you giggle, the books that make you think- make up a person that is intrinsically you. Don’t let yourself fall by the wayside. You are too important.

Love, Your Friend

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About Susannah

SUSANNAH_HUTCHESON.jpgSusannah is a Journalism major, passionate about social justice and Jesus Christ. She loves cold weather, triple-shot lattes, and macaroni and cheese. When she’s not writing papers or baking cookies, you can find her Googling random things on the Internet or watching large amounts of reality television. You can read her ramblings at ileftamessinthekitchen.wordpress.com, or look at pictures of her coffee on Instagram: @susannah.beth.



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