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By Jess Reedy,Guest BloggerNovember 14, 2015


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Have you ever noticed that you go through ages and phases where you feel out of place? That weird moment between graduating college and finding a job. That odd balance of having adult responsibilities, but still feeling like a kid. When you’re single while all of your friends are starting families. Or when you want to chase your passions, but rely on that steady paycheck.

What do you do when you know you’re growing up, but you feel off track?

I found myself sitting at my journal the other day writing the question, “Where do I put this wildness?”

I think we all feel this struggle, even if we’re not sure what to call it. We all experience times when we feel torn between two different life directions; paychecks vs road trips, relationship goals vs squad goals, work at 9am vs dance until last call, momma bear vs wild child, overtime vs pool time, adulthood vs Neverland. 

It can be hard to juggle two worlds, because sometimes you have to make big choices.

It can be hard to juggle two worlds, because sometimes you have to make big choices. You might have to choose between your best friend’s bachelorette, and the big promotion you’ve worked so hard for. You might not be able to take that trip to Europe while you save money to raise a family. You might end a great relationship because you simply are not ready.

And I think these sacrifices feel amplified if we think our friends have moved more firmly into that next phase. It can feel like your friends are outgrowing you. Somehow, your wildness feels even wilder, if you feel wild alone. 

For example, a lot of my friends are married and starting their families. Being the single girl, sometimes I’m the comedic relief as I’m asked to explain a terrible date, while everyone laughs “Thank God I’m not still single!” Or, I can tell my goals aren’t being taken seriously because my friends assume they are temporary… a resting place until I’m married. Or, I’m being fixed up left and right rather than just being able to navigate through these two phases on my own.

All of these (somewhat humiliating) moments just exaggerate what I was already wrestling with, “Where do I put this wildness?”  

I’m still working on this one. My journal is still blank after this big, big, question. But one thing I know you can’t do is forget to collect your stories. Collect your bad date tales, your awkward wedding dramas, your pathetic paycheck parable, and your sagas of recklessness. Because I’m willing to bet that your favorite characters from your go-to movies, the shows you never miss, and the books you’ve highlighted the crap out of; I bet those characters struggled to figure out where they belong. I bet they made a bit of a mess. I bet you love them because of their wildness.

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