Let’s Get Weird: How To Beat the Winter Blues

By: Alison Znamierowski, IATG Contributor February 19, 2016


Recently I’ve been reading a book called Succulent Wild Woman by SARK ( I recommend everybody read it — especially those who need to restore creative energy in their life.) In it, SARK emphasizes the importance of playfulness and pleasure in everyday life. She encourages readers to find the extraordinary in the ordinary and to embrace creative impulses.


The way she truthfully describes her own experiences energized and excited me to start doing silly, creative, and weird things as well. There are so many playful ways that we can live our lives, but we often forget them, especially when the winter blues hit.


So if you’re running low on creative juice or simply need some “succulence” in your day, here’s a list of ways to reenergize your life.


  • Pile all of your blankets and pillows into the bathtub and turn it into an “oval cozy” where you can read, write, dream, craft, and eat chocolate.

  • Put on some lipstick and a fancy dress, make a fun drink, and have a fancy Skype date with a friend.

  • Dream up a community art project and take small steps (SARK calls these micromovements) towards realizing that goal: make a dream board specifically for that project, reach out to your local community center, ask your friends if they’d want to collaborate with you.

  • Make a ‘creative corner’ in your room with a comfy space to sit and plenty of tools to express yourself: colored markers, old books, magazines, scissors, glue, chocolate.

  • Buy a children’s book from Goodwill and turn it into cards for the people you love.

  • Buy Shrinky Dinks. Draw your own interpretation of mandalas on the paper and shrink them. Turn them into a mobile.

  • Set up a tent in your living room. Put an outdoor blanket inside the tent and have an indoor picnic with a friend, loved one, or with your wonderful self.

  • Go on a walk outside! It’s hard to leave your warm, cozy house sometimes, but breathing outdoor air is so refreshing and rejuvenating.

  • Make a colorful list of outrageous dreams and hang it up in your room.

  • Climb a tree and bring a book to read or a journal to write in. You should probably bring gummy bears, too.

  • Reach out to your friends and ask them to make a collaborative zine with you. Print off the final products and distribute them to friends, family, local coffee shops, WHEREVER!

  • Put on a bunch of warm layers and go on a midnight hike under the full moon. The moon reflects off of the snow and makes the whole world bright!   

  • Choose an album and have a listening party with friends. Bring good speakers, many blankets, sleeping bags, bean bags, pillows, and twinkle lights. Get creative with food for guests.


Let’s Chat!

What do you do to beat the winter blues? Grab a friend and try one of these rejuvenating activities! Or try your own activity and share it with the rest of us!


 About Alison

IATG_Blog_Naimierowski.jpgAlison Znamierowski graduated from Wesleyan University with a B.A. in Sociology. Her favorite activities include picnicking with friends, barefoot wandering, and engaging with spontaneous impulses for adventure. Her little corner of the interweb universe is here: nowastespace.org.



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