Let It Be Enough

By Kelly Bradley, Guest Blogger September 13, 2015

Self-acceptance is a life-long journey. You can be the most confident girl in the world and still succumb to occasional self-doubt. Every girl knows what it is like to feel moments of insecurity about her appearance. Every girl has questioned at least once in her life whether she did the best she could, or lived up to the potential of what she thought she was “supposed” to be. There’s always that fear of wondering, “Am I enough?”

In the September issue of Health Magazine, Sophia Bush discusses her own insecurity with believing she is enough, “I don’t know how anyone ever feels that they are enough: successful enough, smart enough, pretty enough, healthy enough. I got so scared the first time I decided to say, ‘I am terrified of not being enough.’”

There will always be someone else who seems to climb the corporate ladder faster, someone who seems to have a cuter outfit, and someone who seems to make it to more spin classes each week. There will always be that person who seems to have their life just that-much more together than yours. We are constantly measuring ourselves against the people around us. Life is fast-paced and constantly forward-moving, and it can be hard to find acceptance in the moment you are living. 

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You can set goals and put in the work to achieve them, but once you reach those goals you are suddenly faced with the question, “What’s next?” It can be impossible to feel happy or proud of your accomplishments because you’re always trying to keep up with what everyone else seems to be doing around you.

In the article, Sophia recalls a friend telling her, “Let it be enough, whatever you did today. You went on a two-mile run and you didn’t do a circuit-training workout? Who cares? Let it be enough.”

Start letting go of the pressure you feel when you ask yourself, “Have I done enough?” Let yourself take a step back from what you are doing and accept that it’s enough for today. It’s not an excuse to quit or give up on the things you are working towards, whether that is a career goal, maintaining your workout regimen, or something else. However, it also shouldn’t be a guilt-trip that takes away from what you have already done.

 Eventually, you have to accept that you can only ever be yourself.

You have to be able to stop and enjoy your life as it is in that moment. Take time to celebrate your accomplishments, and do so without feeling the burden that you have not done enough. We are often our toughest critics. Eventually, you have to accept that you can only ever be yourself. You have to live your life in a way that makes sense to you, not compared to what everyone else is doing.

Look in the mirror and recognize your beauty, inside and out. Believe every day that you are pretty enough, strong enough, and successful enough. The truth is you deserve more credit than you give yourself. Let go of the pressure you feel to keep up with everyone else. Learn to find peace within yourself and accept that you are enough. Accept that what you do is enough.

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