Let Girls Learn!

By Rachel Benbrook, Regular ContributorJuly 4, 2015

President and Michelle Obama have recently launched a new initiative called “Let Girls Learn,” which promotes education and educational initiatives for girls all around the world. The launch of the program symbolizes an important first step in the White House’s commitment to helping girls around the world achieve their full potential.


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This effort by the White House to enhance equality for girls is a welcome and wonderful step in the fight for equality.

There is a direct link between poverty and a lack of educational opportunities for women. When societies deny education and equal opportunities to women, the society as a whole will suffer.

Michelle Obama has stated that it is important for governments to invest in young girls and condemn harmful societal issues like child marriage and preferences towards males.

Educating young women has crucial impacts on numerous aspects of society. Gayle Smith the National Security Counsel’s senior director for development democracy said that this new initiative could have such an impact on so many differing facets of society. She stated, “It’s really critical, including for our national security. We know that when girls are educated it has got a huge economic and stability impact, and then we widen the circle of potential leaders.”  Fostering education for girls widens their chances of becoming leaders in their nations and therefore helps to create stronger economies with less violence towards and devaluation of women and girls.

Additionally, I believe that Michelle Obama only strengthens her presence as a strong empowered female leader. She uses her position of prominence to raise her voice and therefore give a voice to thousands of girls whose talents could be lost if they are not given the same opportunities many of us take for granted.

It is important that the White House and both President and Michelle Obama have taken this on board as an importance aspect of American foreign policy. What better way to try and improve the world than to fight for an education for young women? There is no more important issue than ensuring that women and girls all over the world have equal opportunities. The road to equal opportunities begins with an education, and I am proud that the United States is championing this effort to try and create more opportunities for girls everywhere. 

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