Lessons In Humility

By Allison Annala, Guest Blogger

Recently I was involved in a hit and run car accident. No one was injured, but the individuals who hit me laughed it off and drove away before I could jot down their license plate– leaving me in a state of panic with over $2000 in damages to my vehicle. I was completely mortified and enraged by their actions.

I had stopped at a red light in the adorable downtown area of my city. It was a Sunday night at 8pm and our quiet little town was winding down for the weekend. As I was passing cars that were parallel parked along my favorite block of restaurants, I felt a huge shudder. BAM! The sound of an automobile crunching is enough to turn your stomach inside out. It took me a few seconds to realize what had happened. When I did, I noticed the driver and her passenger laughing to each other, seemingly impressed with their stupidity as they pulled out in front of me and drove away.

I was so confused. Did they just pull away from the scene of a collision?

Yep. That’s definitely what happened.

I remember the next series of events in bursts of images: Pull back into traffic. Silver car. Two girls. Driving faster. Quick, memorize the license plate. Get the make and model. Crap. Just take a picture. Find your phone. They’re not going to pull over. Speed up. Catch up to them. Flag them down to pull over. Swerve to the right to avoid being hit… again. 

Is this seriously happening!!?? They were clearly trying to get away from me. As I pulled up next to them to try to get them to pull over, they cut me off nearly hitting me again. At this point I had to make a choice: Continue the pursuit and risk getting into a bigger accident or pull over, call the police, and let them handle it.


I chose to surrender the pursuit to the trained professionals.

This was a hard situation for me to handle. As a self-proclaimed “confrontation hater” I felt an overwhelming urge to scream at the top of my lungs. I wanted, in that moment, to see justice prevail, even if I was the one to deliver it. But in the depths of my soul I knew that even though my instincts were screaming at me to hate on these people, my heart was telling me that I needed to be the bigger person.

Being THAT GIRL sometimes means stepping back from situations that are out of our control and taking a breath. My life was not worth chasing these hooligans. They will get what is coming to them either from the police or when karma decides to sneak up on them, and the universe does not need me to hand out punishments. 

You see, people are hurt by others all of the time. Whether it’s two kids being mean on the playground, a couple struggling to find common ground, a work relationship that is failing, or a complete stranger causing a hit and run. People often fall short of who we believe they should be, and inevitably, someone winds up paying for it. As humans we make mistakes. We learn, we move on and hopefully, we grow to become better for the lessons that are taught. That is all I can hope for the individuals who hurt me.

I can pray that they’ve learned from their mistakes and do not cause this type of situation in the future. I can wish for them the wisdom to own up to their failures and that they grow to be more graceful in the trying circumstances that will most certainly present themselves as they become adults.

So, to the young ladies who crashed into my vehicle as they were leaving their dinner last Sunday: I forgive you. I hope that you learn from this situation and are able to grow from it. I wish only the best for you and hope that you will not experience this type of frustration in your future. But when you do, as adulthood is sure to teach you, may you show patience and know that humans are just that… human. Thank you for the lesson in grace and humility.

Let's Chat! Have you ever been in a similar situation? How did you decide to handle it? Share with us here!

About Allison
ALLISON_ANNALA.jpgA gymnast since age 4, Allison uses the life lessons learned through the sport to help young women discover their greatness! She is a huge advocate for girls and women, particularly when it comes to body image and self-worth! Along with coaching, Allison now teaches at her Alma Matter, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. She loves sharing her passion for gymnastics with women of all ages and her passion for life and love on her blog www.allison-lifeisbeautiful.blogspot.com. She is so thrilled to be an advocate for IATG and can’t wait to help inspire women all over the world! 



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