Lessons From My Inner-Ballerina

By: Shae Snyder, Guest Contributor

I have always promised myself I wouldn't be one of those people who lived a life of “what-ifs.” That promise is easy to make and hard to follow through with, especially the older I get.

I am all about chasing your dreams, shooting for the stars, and trying new things. You know all that cliché stuff we post online and never follow-up with (I'm not pointing fingers, I'm guilty too).

I've been trying to make an honest effort to be someone who practices what they preach and so, most recently I took on the challenge of trying something I have always wanted to do since high school: ballet.

First of all, I have never taken a single class in my life. So maybe that is why I skipped out on the first day of class. I offered a very valid excuse of “Oh I’m just so tired.” Even with my boyfriend pushing in the background, I stubbornly put off the first week of class.

The second week rolls around and I convince myself to give it a shot. Okay, fine, my boyfriend made me go. I put on some shorts, a t-shirt, and made myself head to the dance studio. I didn't have ballet shoes, tights, or anything. I thought for sure I was going to get kicked out!

I walked into the dance studio to see little girls in tutus, tights, and cute little ballet shoes. I sat on the bench and watched middle school and high school girls prance around confidently in their outfits.


Image courtesy Shae Snyder

And then, it was my turn to dance. I went into the studio with three other girls around my age and met my instructor, John. I started out so nervous. John came over to me at one point and reminded me to breathe. I ended up laughing at myself. Why was I so nervous? At that moment I began to relax and I realized the other girls in the class weren't taking themselves seriously at all. My first class ended with movement across the floor and a room full of laughter. I walked away from the dance floor, but every part of me wanted to stay and play longer. My instructor was hilarious and so were my new dance friends!

I am in my second semester of class I am hooked! I have made awesome new friends and am doing something I’ve always wanted to try.

You're never too old to try something new. Even when it takes every ounce of courage you have, give it a shot. Stay young at heart and just go for it! Life is too unpredictable to keep putting off your bucket list. Act now.

About Shae

snyder.jpgShae is a lover for all things writing, social media, Make-A-Wish, and sports related. Growing up in West Virginia and graduating from West Virginia University, Shae has held a total of seven internships, graduated as Outstanding Public Relations Senior, and is the founder of WVU Wishmakers on Campus. Follow Shae as she chases her dreams at elizabethshae.wordpress.com.




Image via blog.twobrightlights.com

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