Learning to Love Your Lines

By Kate Krassowski, Regular Contributor

“[Celebrate] real women, real bodies and real self love.” -@loveyourlines Instagram

There are so many wonderful campaigns and movements that happened for women in 2014. From Always’ ‘Throw like a girl’ campaign to Aerie committing to not retouching their models, it was definitely an inspiring year. Women are taking back their lives and their bodies by changing the way the world views them. We are not perfect; we are even better.

One of my favorite social media accounts LoveYourLines brings the normalcy back into imperfection. This Instagram account is a beautiful outlet for women to post their wonderfully imperfect bodies and to remind us that it’s okay to love them again, just as they are. We get so used to seeing these perfectly airbrushed women with toned stomachs and lifted butts. We are taught to strive for that. “Make that your goal this year, change your body.” “Tone up”, “lose weight”, “workout more”. What’s so beautiful about going through these Instagram images is that I’m reminded to love my body just as it is. Goals are good and being healthy is good. But so is loving yourself, stretch marks and all.


We spend so much energy hating our bodies when if that hate could turn to acceptance and love, we would get a lot more done in life and be a lot happier doing it. We are afraid of stretch marks, and worried about gaining weight, when we should really focus our fear and worry on things that matter. For example, I worry about my heart and making sure it’s loving and kind. I’m afraid sometimes my anger gets in the way of me being who I am. Let’s work out our characters and our souls harder and learn to love ourselves without being distracted by our bodies.

Being at peace with our bodies takes the pressure and intimidation away from trying to fit into a certain image. For me, I hate feeling pressure when I go to the gym. In fact, today I was doing some weights and a trainer walked up to give me advice and then asked what my goals were for the gym. I just stared at him, probably longer than I should have, but I didn’t know.

I guess if I’m forced to think about it, sure I could change things about my body, but why force me to think about it when I’m happy. After my awkward staring I told him, ‘I guess I don’t have any, I work out 5 times a week just to stay healthy, in relatively good shape, and to relieve stress.’ I realized that I was there to be healthy, but not to please someone else’s standard of what I should look like. That’s the first time I have ever thought that.

I’m sorry but no matter how much I think I would like to look like a fitness model, I love gummy bears more. Everything tastes better than skinny feels, let’s just be honest. I’m not willing to put the pressure on myself to look a certain way and to have any other goals when I go to the gym other than being healthy. For others it’s different, and everyone has different levels of self-control and dedication, but no matter your size, weight, or height; love yourself, own it, and be proud of it. Our bodies do unbelievable things. They can run marathons and create life. We are incredible, and the reflection in the mirror doesn’t even come close to reflecting how beautiful we are.

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Have you struggled to love your lines? How have you learned to celebrate your body for what it is capable of?

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Kate_K.jpgShe moved to Los Angeles from Cleveland, OH after graduating with a B.A in Film Production from BGSU. She is passionate about speaking out against how women are viewed in the media and being part of changing it.




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    You are awesome, Michelle! And the definition of bad ass, especially dealing with MS for such a long time. You are definitely an inspiration

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