Leaning In Matters to Girls and Women

By: Alexis Jones, Co-Founder IATG



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With all the exciting chatter about Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In, I was excited to snag a copy of it on a long layover at the airport. While intended to be for adults, there were so many tidbits of wisdom for younger girls who have a passion for independence and taking charge of their lives. Girls, no matter their age, should never underestimate their potential in whatever situation they find themselves in.  

Sheryl recounts a story where she walked into a boardroom with many distinguished men.  The few women in the room voluntarily sat in the chairs along the wall instead of pulling their chairs up to the conference room table. When Sheryl motioned to the girls to sit at the table, they politely declined, self-selecting themselves to sit back and save the seats for the men. The women had subconsciously decided that their voices were not as important. These instances still ring true for many women today and it is important to stay confident and let our voices be heard.

I found that the ideas and suggestions in the book were incredibly relevant to young women because we all struggle with lack of confidence and fear to step off the traditional path. These lessons are applicable to all ages. Whether you are starting your own company, signing up for that math class or endeavoring in your first college major, applying for that job or dream school, boldness and being sure of yourself in itself is rewarded.

While it’s certainly safer to stay under the radar, it also keeps you from being challenged and from reaching (if not) surpassing your potential. Fortunately we have women Sheryl paving the way for women leaders in the business world. It takes real guts to lean in, to think for yourself, to believe in your own dreams, and to manifest your reality. Through this book, Sheryl helps to give us all permission to approach life with a stronger sense of self and confidence. 


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