Keep Love in Your Pocket

By: Megan Minutillo, Guest Blogger

Do you love me?


Do you love me?

What kind of a question is that.

It’s a simple question. Cause I go through life, everyday, thinking that nobody loves me. So I’m asking you. Do. You. Love. Me.

I’ve been on a bit of a Dawson’s Creek kick lately, so, let’s not get it twisted – the words above are not my own, but rather they come from the wisdom of that which is Joey Potter.

And yes, I said Dawson’s Creek.

Laugh all you want, but that show is like the flame that keeps bringing this moth home.

And sometimes, I wonder why.

I mean, I have never lived on a creek.

I mean, I have never climbed into any fella’s window.

My father was never in jail.

And my mother, thank God, well, she still graces the earth with her presence.

So WHAT is it that keeps pulling me back to this show? This story?

I think it’s the love. I think it’s the simple, honest, and beautiful need for love. Because really, when it comes down to it, isn’t that what drives us? Love for a mother, a father, a brother, a sister? Love for a friend? Love for a boyfriend? A girlfriend? A husband? A wife?

I do believe that love is the connective tissue that binds us all. And a show like Dawson’s Creek, well, it reminds me of simpler times.


It reminds me of high school. Of college. Of days when it seemed as though problems could be solved by pink champagne and conversing into the wee hours of the morning. It reminds me of the mindset that I had when I first set out into the world after high school – the feeling that the world is my oyster, and I can go after what I want, and I can yank those dreams out of the sky and make them my reality.

That’s a hard feeling to keep in your pocket, loves. That feeling of determination and dream chasing. That feeling that says know no limits, I am unstoppable. Dream big, and then dream bigger. That feeling that says, I can do this. I will do this. I deserve this. I was built for this.

That feeling can fade when you get towards that quarter life crisis point. (For me at least.) It can fade, it can dim, and it can just extinguish altogether.

And when that happens, I urge you to take a breath.


Put down the iPhone.

Step away from the computer.

Go outside, and just breathe it all in.

Remember that if your bits of happiness have escaped you for a moment, (no matter how long that moment is), it’s important that you don’t beat yourself up about it. Remember that it is possible to get those bits back, that dreams may change, and come in different packages, but at the end of the day, it’s the love that binds us all.

About Megan

Megan_Minutillo-Megan_Minutillo-0117.jpgMegan Minutillo is a playwright, director, and founder of the arts and education site, The Write Teacher(s). Her articles have appeared in HelloGiggles, So Worth Loving, I Am the Modern Career Girl, and Glass Heel. She is currently at work adapting her show, Ghosts in My Vodka, into a musical.






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