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By Glenne Fucci, Regular ContributorNovember 20, 2015


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This week the world stood still and wept with our fellow humans as terrorists struck not one, but two cities in a matter days. Paris and Beirut experienced shock and trauma and the purest form of hatred in the course of a few hours, in a manner that leaves our hearts heavy. Our fellow humans have been taken, impacted, and changed forever and we, in many ways, feel helpless to do anything about it. However, what’s incredible in the days following these tragedies is the ability of communities to come together in love and support of people we have never met and places we have never traveled.

While so much hatred swirls on social media in the aftermath of these attacks, it’s overshadowed by the love and kindness stretching across the globe.

I, unfortunately, know all too well what it’s like to feel the love of the world in the aftermath of catastrophe. Back on a beautiful fall day in 2001, less than 30 miles from my middle school, two planes crashed into what was then, arguably, the most iconic set of buildings in the nation. At nine, I got my first taste fear -- the moments when you don’t know whether a loved one will be making it home that day as you try to comprehend how different your world will be when you wake up tomorrow. I watched as classmates buried parents and parents buried grown children, and many of the street signs in my neighborhood changed to reflect the name of the person who lived on that street who would never be coming home. At nine, I hoped that this would never happen to anyone else, that no other communities would be so fundamentally changed by such senseless acts of violence.

Sadly, this happened again and again in different communities and contexts around the world.

Out of so much darkness though, there seems to be just the faintest light -- the coming together of people that otherwise would never cross paths.

The outpouring of love and support surrounding this week’s tragedies is a testament to the strength and resilience of the human soul.  Although feelings of anger, retaliation, and disgust are normal, natural even, what the world needs, what we all need, is a little bit more love. Intolerance breeds more intolerance and hatred breeds more hatred, and the revolving door of sadness just keeps on spinning. But, if we show some appreciation, gratitude, and respect for our fellow humans, we maybe, just maybe, can prevent the next generation from grieving for these same horrendous events. Who knows if love could have prevented the attacks in Paris or Beirut, or in so many other communities that have been left reeling after attacks, but it certainly can’t hurt.

Love keeps us afloat. It keeps us going when senseless acts occur.

It keeps us inspired and pushes us to keep fighting for the peaceful world we envision for ourselves.

So girls, let's keep the love flowing, not just in our own communities, but far beyond. Let's lend a hand and reach out to those in need. Let's preach tolerance and respect. Lets smile more, gossip less, and hug our loved ones a little tighter. Lets never forget how lucky we are to get to live this life but also how powerful we are to shape it into something incredibly beautiful. Let's make this world the lovely, safe, and peaceful place we so dream of. And in the meantime, let's #StandwithParis and #StandwithBeirut.

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In times such as these, how can we overcome hate with love? How can we better show our support? Tell us below!

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