Just Do It

Nike was onto something when they came up with the slogan, "Just Do It." It's so simple and yet seemingly so difficult. I was sitting with a new friend discussing my Survivor days and the repercussions of such an abnormal, exhilarating and yet humbling experience. I have given countless talks, seminars and lectures incorporating this powerful experience, but I had never been asked such a powerful question as hers.

So how do you get people to relate to your experience? Because it has to be difficult to get someone to experience something as life-changing as that when they haven't done it themselves. It's funny how you can tell a story a million times and yet the moment a person asks you a question you've never thought of, it can shift your entire paradigm. By the way, I am rarely caught off guard with questions that leave me momentarily stumped and yet it was the very reason why Sarah quickly accelerated her "acquaintance" status to "official friend" status in seconds.

So, I sat there silently pondering my explanation and it immediately spun my head around similar, but tangential concepts. In the art of sharing one's experiences, how does the recipient ever retain more than a perfume whiff? That's when it occurred to me that despite all the theoretical knowledge we can accrue through education, the wisdom and advice of others and even the "learn from my mistakes" conversations with our elders, there is still nothing more powerful than personal life experience.

I realized that even as a motivational speaker, my experiences are as unique to me as the prints etched on my fingers. While I can certainly and with unparalleled enthusiasm share my experiences with others, at the end of the day until an experience osmosis machine is invented, they remain within the confines of my own body. Therefore, despite my perfume puffs here and there, those listening to my stories, overhearing me on the phone, life coaching or reminiscing about the good ol' survivor days will be left with the simple challenge of constructing their own life's collage of experiences precious and unique to them and them alone.

That brings me back to sweet, corporate Nike. My advice then is Michael Jordan’s greatest endorsement, “Just Do It.” Whatever that may be, you have to go for it. After all, life is simply too short to settle. Believe in your dreams and then have the audacity to chase them down at all costs. You are worth the risk, and you owe the world a genuine contribution carved by passion and built on integrity. I promise you it’s worth every bit of the blood, sweat and tears that it will inevitably take.

One of my favorite quotes is by George Bernard Shaw, “You see things as they are and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were, and I say, ‘Why not?’”

Now, boldly dream where no dreamer before you has gone.Images courtesy of Webitect.net, Sportsbusinessdigest.com

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