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By: Shauna Richardson, Guest Blogger

"You’re either going to spend the little time you have in your life on trying to know yourself or trying to hide yourself. The choice is yours. You can’t do both." - Vironika Tugaleva

Let that quote resonate for one moment. Okay, maybe more than a moment. Let it settle for a few. Did it grab you? It sure grabbed me. In today’s society we have plenty of sadness and plenty of darkness surrounding us. However, with darkness always comes light, and in my eyes and in my hopeful heart, the light always wins. I feel like there are so many amazing, powerful, capable, impassioned, strong women out there that want to make a difference in this world, who want to shake up the nations and work hard to make this world a little bit lighter after they leave it. And I think with that comes a sense of needing to do something so huge, the need to do the impossible.

However, with this strong sense of wanting to change the world and wanting to change it for the better good, we have a huge dilemma in our society and that is: really wanting to know ourselves, and more importantly, really loving our true selves. In order to change the world and help others, we must first be healed and whole ourselves. We live in a society that is consumed with advancement whether it is technological or just our own self-improvement. As I look at various magazines targeted for a young female demographic, I can't help but notice how there are so many tips on beauty and how to get your skin to glow and how to plump your lips but very few that encourage self-growth and self-reflection. There are fewer articles dealing with the most valuable concepts in life such as love, acceptance, tolerance, and forgiveness. Why is that? Why are make-up products and designer brands taking up a bigger place in social media than the most beneficial pieces of life? The very essence of who we are is what makes us shine and is what makes us have the power to change this world that is in such desperate need of love and change.


In this day and age, in a world that is so fast-paced and always growing, I think it is time to start a revolution and I believe that revolution is a simple one: knowing yourself and learning to love yourself (even the messiest pieces). We all have messy pieces, sometimes these pieces come from places of deep hurts that have been done to us, and sometimes these pieces are a result of the choices we've made in the past. But, my beautiful readers out there, the messy pieces, the ones that may not be fully healed yet, are the ones that make us distinct; they are the ones that make us who we are, the ones that build us into more empowered individuals.

I feel like we live in a world that makes us afraid to be who we really are. We get sucked into the whole idea that all must be perfect in order for us to be desirable as a friend, as an employee, as a daughter, as a wife, as a mother, or as a person in general. I say: away with this perfection business. Do NOT be afraid to be who you really are. Do not spend your life running away from you who you are. Instead, create a revolution that starts from within the very pit of your soul. A revolution, based off of and fueled by pure love, is a revolution that will without a doubt change you, and in turn, will give you the necessary strength, courage, and tenacity to help change the world. The first step towards change, towards healing, towards difference all starts within you.

So, as the quote says, you can either spend your life trying to mask and hide yourself with make-up, with partners, with job promotions, or you can (still pursue all of those things) but also make a huge effort to find out who you really are, what you stand for, and allow yourself to soar. It is with great passion that I write this article because I believe that one person can change the world and that one person is you. You can change this world and together we can make it even more beautiful. Knowing yourself, and learning to love every piece of yourself may be the hard choice but it is the right one. Join the revolution. The revolution of self-love.

Let's Chat! What do you think of joining a self-love revolution? How are YOU going to practice more self-love this year?

About Shauna

shauna_r.jpgShauna Richardson is an actress, writer, and model based out of San Francisco and Los Angeles. Her main goals in life: to never stop reflecting, to help others, always take pictures, and to show young girls around the world their immense worth and value. Personal instagram:  (photo credit Jenna Christina Hellberg






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    I am going to stop feeling guilty about having to take time for myself. I am going to enjoy my own company. I’m going to read more! I want to start a hobby.

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