It's Life: Are You All In?

By: Ashley Drummonds, Regular Contributor

I pretty much always write about pursuing your passions and the amazing life that you want. I fully believe every single person has a dream or desire in them that they currently aren’t pursuing or they are only pursuing halfheartedly out of fear. I also think that part of living life to its fullest is by being fully involved. What does that mean?

Well, it’s kind of like being in a relationship or a friendship where you or the other person only commits to part of the relationship, but not all of it. You sign up for the good times, but not the bad. You want all the benefits with no effort or chance of getting hurt. It’s the same thing with your job and your dreams. We take a job we don’t love, but has benefits—monetary or emotional--and then only invest half of ourselves into it because we don’t really want to pursue something else or because we don’t want to risk actually going all in and possibly losing everything.

It’s called a back up plan. The guy/girl who cheats on their significant other simply has a backup plan to avoid ever really getting hurt. They don’t have to fully invest in who they are with so they keep people on the side in order to never be alone. It’s giving only half your attention to your dreams while still living a 9-5 work week “just in case” your dreams let you down and don’t work out; you still have this miserable, predictable job every single day that’ll pay the bills.

That’s not being fully involved in your life! That’s called safety, security, and comfort! While we all LOVE those things, and believe me I do too, they don’t get you the life you want.


I recently talked with a friend about how the second I broke certain patterns in my life and stepped outside of my comfort zone, I experienced more emotional breakdowns, confusions, and “what the heck am I doing,” moments then I have ever had. At the exact same time, I also experienced the most amazing opportunities, people, adventures, trips, blessings, and moments, which would not have happened had I not decided “Ok this is it! It’s all or nothing!”

You are excited about living your life I know and this all sounds great to you! Are you ready to be fully involved though? I will warn you it’s not easy. You will be forced to rely on your gut more than ever and to go against the crowd of how everyone else is living their life even when you aren’t sure if you are doing anything right. BUT, life will always give you those relief moments. Those moments where you just sigh and think “oh my gosh, I actually am living my dreams. I actually am in the right direction and on the right path.” We all need these moments and they do come at exactly the right time. Trust me! The irony about life is this: What you do in one area will directly reflect in every area. How fully you are involved in one aspect of your life is a reflection of how fully involved you are in every area of your life.

I have used this analogy with my fitness clients as well. If you commit to change your lifestyle and your eating habits for good and stop seeing it as something you are just going to try out then you will get the results you desire, but it requires you to make the commitment to yourself and to be fully involved in this new you! When clients actually do that, they feel better, look better, business starts to expand, relationships start to flourish, confidence grows, they are more excited about life, and everything is affected simply by BEING INVOLVED.

Where are you only half involved? I challenge you to seriously ask yourself that question and dare you to take the risk of giving it your all and see where life takes you! It’ll be a whole new journey with all kinds of adventures, but it’ll be much more living then you have experienced before!

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  • You don't have to commit to radical changes to GET radical change. Maybe you need more sleep, maybe you need more social time with friends, or maybe you want to get organized and get rid of clutter. Pick something that feels manageable, outline several action steps you can take to focus more on that issue or area, and get cracking!

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