It's Fighting Time for Hillary Clinton

By Dana Zillgitt, Regular Contributor                                                    June 23, 2015 

It’s fighting time according to Hillary Clinton; dukes up, head back, and all in a fantastic pant suit. Clinton is taking this campaign to a whole new level in preparation for that fateful day in November of 2016,  and her recent speech in De Moines, Iowa was inspiring. She’s really separating herself from Obama this round and coming out into her own.  But the core message of the 45 minute speech? What she’s fighting for and how she’ll bring it to the table this time. After all, she mentioned some version of “fight” 14 times during the speech. That’s about once every 3 minutes, if I did the math right.

So what’s she planning on fighting for? Why is this round any different than that gnarly loss in 2008? Well, it involves Republicans, climate change, strengthening the American family, and so much more. She wants to harness all that American power and continuing to make this country better for the long run. 

And in her own words, there’ll be nobody who’ll be a “tougher negotiator” than Ms. Clinton herself.


She’s had a long run in politics-since the late 1970’s-so the experience is definitely there. She’s seen some tough years and some really exciting wins as well. But the best part? She’s learned from all of it, contributing to her need to fight. Ms. Clinton goes on to open up about her past losses and how she turned them into wins down the road-most notably, the Children’s Health Insurance Program that recently passed, which helps provide healthcare to low income families with children. And this perseverance wasn’t lost on several members in attendance, even those who voted against her in 2008. According to an Iowa state representative, Marti Anderson, it was “her years in Arkansas, as first lady, as a losing candidate in 2008, and as secretary of state-all of that taught her to be tough and to keep going,” and she even has an ’08 Obama sticker on her front door. And if all this is separating her from her competition, who’s to say where the upward trend will stop?

What’s next for Clinton? How will she continue to separate herself from not only President Obama but her connection to another former President? She’s no stranger to fighting, that part is clear, but she needs to keep proving to herself that she can fight, that she can win, and come Election Day, we’ll see if it works in her favor.



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