Inspired Women, INSPIRE Women

By: Kate Krassowski, Regular Contributor

"Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength." —G.D Anderson

I have been reading so many inspiring articles, quotes, and books from women who are standing of for themselves, for their daughters, and for the future of all women. Today, the commercials and advertisements are moving towards a more positive message. Celebrities are influential speakers at conferences and amazingly speaking at the UN with a call to action.

I want us to take a second to breathe in what’s happening in our world. It’s working. Our voices are being heard and change is not only in the air but it’s blustering through the streets unable to be stopped. There is power in inspiration, but there is also great responsibility. Sometimes finding the inspiration, while difficult at times, is the easiest part. Once we grasp it we are on top of the world. However, keeping it and rediscovering it as often as possible is where things get tough.

I challenge myself everyday to find what inspires me to fight for women everywhere. What am I fighting for and how much work am I willing to put in to get it? I want to be equal in every aspect. I’m tired of my boss mentioning when I wear my hair in a ponytail because it doesn’t look as nice and ignoring when my male coworker wears track pants to a full business attire job. I’m tired of having to wait longer than my male coworkers to get a raise. And more importantly than my personal day-to-day frustrations, I’m tired of women feeling weak, being abused, and tearfully awaiting the day that they fall in love with themselves again. The strength that we have is beyond comparison, and we are on the verge of rebuilding the world’s view of that strength.

I don’t want to lose motivation. I don’t want this feminism movement to be a trend that disappears. We have the human power to change the world’s view forever, not just for a season. And as I AM THAT GIRL reminds us, “This isn’t just a women’s movement, it’s a 21st Century human movement. And we need everyone.” Like some believe, I’m not against men because I’m a feminist. In fact I think they’re a crucial part in making this successful. We need everyone to be on board for equality, universal self-love, and mutual respect.


I’m ready to work harder when I lose sight of what inspires me, and I’m prepared to fight harder to remind the world that my strength is unique, unwavering, and my own. We need to encourage each other to keep going when we’re discouraged and to keep putting one foot in front of the other when the miles keep growing. And when you need a reminder of your strength, repeat this, I’ll say it with you everyday: “A STRONG WOMAN is one who feels deeply, and loves fiercely. Her tears flow just as abundantly as her laughter. A STRONG WOMAN is both soft and powerful. She is both practical and spiritual. A STRONG WOMAN in her essence, a gift to all the world.” –Unknown

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About Kate

Kate_Byline.jpgShe moved to Los Angeles from Cleveland, OH after graduating with a B.A in Film Production from BGSU. She is passionate about speaking out against how women are viewed in the media and being part of changing it.



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