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By: S. Elle Cameron, Guest Blogger July 19, 2015

Last time I wrote about belonging to yourself and not depending on someone else’s definition of you. Part of learning to fully belong to yourself is self-acceptance. You can’t declare, “I belong to me!” if you have yet to embrace who you are and what you would like to be.

We’re all imperfect and as much as we hear that, most of us can’t even accept it. I’m guilty of it too. There’s always something we want to fix or wish was or wasn't there, but the goal is to not stress about these things…the goal is to accept that you may not ever have these things and that’s okay.

Feeling good about yourself is true freedom and knowing that you own every part of you…even the parts we can’t see, is truly empowering.

Confidence is everything. That’s what I’ve been told for so many years and I’ve watched so many confident women go about their day without worrying about their appearance or if someone will like their personality. I can say that it’s a true statement. Feeling good about yourself is true freedom and knowing that you own every part of you…even the parts we can’t see, is truly empowering.

There’s power in accepting yourself. There’s power in owning who you are. These are things we all should remember and you don’t have to be a woman to take this advice. Let’s start a challenge starting now! From this moment on become self-aware. Realize what you like and don’t like.


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Hold conversations with yourself (I recommend doing this in your head, LOL) to help you understand what you really want and how you feel. Before you know it, you’ll start accepting everything about yourself from the inside out and there’s nothing better than loving yourself fully.

I’m not suggesting to be self-absorbed or arrogant, I’m talking the real type of love we all need to experience towards ourselves. As women (especially) we can spend so much time on others (particularly loved ones) and cheering for them that we ignore ourselves. We need the same type of love we dish out to others.

It’s okay to love yourself because it’s the only way to accept yourself. Stop criticizing what you see in the mirror or how you feel on the inside. Get to know you the way your counterpart would. Start seeing yourself the way your partner sees you (or how you would like them to see you). Remember you’re THAT girl and you have every reason to be proud of it!

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What are some things about yourself that you totally OWN and love? Tell us below!

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